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Posted on: 28 May 2012 by Anthony Page

With the Jubilee fast approaching, Keep the Flag Flying and Odes for Oldies will keep you smiling.

Book reviews on 50connectTwo new books dropped on my desk yesterday and each of them had me giggling as I flipped the pages. One is entitled ‘Keep the Flag Flying’ 160 pages and is published by Summersdale Publishers Limited £4.99. The press release that came with the copy announces ‘Rousing Words for Pluck Patriots’.

Here are some examples:

‘In my opinion most of the great men were only there for the beer!’ AJP Taylor

‘There are parts of Wales where the only concession to gaiety is a striped shroud!’ Douglas Jerrold

‘An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one!’ George Mikes

‘The English Winter – ending in July, to recommence in August!’ Lord Byron

At a fiver a copy worth sending instead of a birthday card!

The second book is entitled ‘Odes for Oldies’ 112 pages by Clive Whichelow and is also published by Summersdale and costs £9.99. These are really great fun and will guarantee a laugh whether you fifteen or fifty! Rather than spoil the fun I will give you one to enjoy – they are all just as good. This book is a good present for anyone not facing the reality ,or humour, of aging!

New Technology
Mobile phones, pads and pods,
It’s all beyond my ken.
My idea of a word processor
Is a proper fountain pen.

People say I’m behind the times
But I don’t bloomin’ care.
To me the Net’s for catching fish
Or something to put in your hair.

And when the government announced
PC in every school,
I thought they meant some coppers
To help enforce the rules.

See, up to now I’ve got on fine
Without technology,
Well apart from my plans for a gastric band
And a new bionic knee.

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