Pam Ayres releases new poetry collection

Posted on: 14 October 2013 by 50connect editorial

You Made Me Late Again is a collection of 50 new verses by poet Pam Ayres.

With more than 50 new poems from Britain's favourite poet, You Made Me Late Again! is an essential addition to Pam Ayres' incomparable collection of works.

Pam's poems are observant, witty and poignant in equal measure. In 'The Swifts' and 'The Pyracantha Anthem' she marvels at nature, while 'A Patient's Prayer' and 'Litter Moron' offer wry views on Modern Britain. From the dog being afraid of the toaster to your son leaving home for university; and from the search for that perfect swimsuit to becoming a gran for the first time - Pam's poems are beautifully crafted, and her subjects the everyday and the universal.

Delightfully illustrated, most of the poems in You Made Me Late Again! are brand new, yet it also features several firm favourites from her stage shows, published for the first time, such as 'The Make-up Lady' and 'Tippy Tappy Feet'.


The Make-up Lady


I went to but a lipstick, and I hoped for some advice,
On choosing an attractive shade, to make my face look nice,
I stepped up to the counter in my trainers and my mack,
But the sales assistant saw me and she vanished out the back.


She was absolutely flawless and an advertiser’s dream,
She was icy as a glacier and chic in the extreme,
I was clearly not the customer that she desired to meet,
I could have been some reptile that had crawled in off the street.


And I thought I’d find the manager and have a little word,
In favour of an altogether craggier old bird,
Some game old gal who’s been around the block a time or three,
Who is fending off the years and has a waist as thick as me.


An understanding confidante with whom you could relax,
Who knows the ways that lipstick tends to bleed in to the cracks,
A savior for those of us who know our youth is past,
To show us all the tricks and keeps us fighting to the last.


You Made Me Late Again! Pam Ayres

You Made Me Late Again!: My New Collection by Pam Ayres is published by Ebury Press on 26 September 2013.

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