Government pledge on dementia

Posted on: 19 November 2012 by 50connect editorial

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt reveals Government dementia plan on Today.

Dementia awarenessThe Government has announced plans aimed at improving the lives of people with dementia. It wants to train a million volunteers in England to become so-called "dementia friends", who will be able to spot the signs of the illness and offer help to people suffering from the condition.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told Today presenter Evan Davis that the training would help raise awareness about dementia: "It's really about understanding the condition and understanding how you look after people with the condition."

He emphasised the importance of "understanding the difference between short term memory loss and perhaps having a very good longer term memory".

"It's just making it something that's a lot more normal in society," he added.

LISTEN TO TODAY INTERVIEW - Jeremy Hunt reveals Government dementia plan


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