Don't let him ruin the big day!

Posted on: 20 June 2018 by 50connect editorial

We read enough about what women should do to prepare for weddings, but men need to play their part and get a decent haircut for the big day.

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Getting married can be a stressful experience, but it can be made even worse when your significant others have loose relationships with their hair, their barber or a comb.

A bride will spend months visiting her stylist discussing her needs and dreams, while the groom and father of the bride often turn up after not even washing their hair! Here are some little tips to make sure you keep the men in your life looking the part.

Before the big day

Make sure he has a hair cut about a week before the wedding. The hair will have settled and softened the style slightly. Having a cut on the morning looks too clean cut and obvious:

  • Avoid product overload! Make sure he gives his ego and style a break  - and only use the smallest amount of product necessary. You don't want that over-greasy gel/waxed look.
  • Just like the bride, march him down to the barber/hairdresser before the wedding day and talk about the theme of the day. Don't go for too much of a change, help him choose a style that he feels comfortable with.
  • Men treat their hair differently to women. Men's hair will tend to style itself, so the hairdresser should style the hair where it falls and not try to force it to do something it can't. Men will more often than not, just wash their hair and leave to dry naturally and then use some products. The cut needs to take this into account.

Some older men claim not to be bothered about their appearance, but deep down they do and it is a lack of confidence that prevents them from exploring how to properly style themselves for an event such as a wedding. With the right amount of cajoling, you can get the best for him and the right result for yourself.

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