How to look and feel fabulous this valentines

Posted on: 07 February 2018 by 50connect editorial

Make this valentine's day truly special with top tips from colour expert Helen Venables on how to look and feel gorgeous.


Instead of a little black dress, embrace one of your wow colours in a style that really suits you. If you are a gamine maybe try a fitted cheong sam for something completely different, if you are a natural try a textured knitted dress or if you like a bit of drama try a halter neck dress.  If you don’t want to wear a dress, then wearing well-fitting trousers in a style and length that is you through and through with interesting shoes means you are on to a sure winner.

Red is of course viewed as the colour of love and some of us enjoy embracing it on Valentine’s Day but choose a tone of red that lifts your skin tone perfectly to give you a healthy glow. We all suit different reds; summer women could try a cherry red, autumns glow in brick reds, winters sparkle in scarlet, and springs look gorgeous in geranium.      

Choose one feature to enhance, whether that’s long legs, your cleavage or beautiful skin, but just don’t try and show everything off at once. Sizzle in your own style – whether that is classic or dramatic or perhaps romantic. Colour mix your wow colours to create outfit envy and to show you know how to mix and match.

Woman in heels

Without question, heels can lift an outfit and make you look more elongated but if you are unable to walk in heels then you will instantly lose your confidence and your look will crumble.  Wear shoes that you can walk in, especially if your partner has planned a surprise and you have no idea how much walking there will be.

Always balance your accessories. Big earrings rarely look good with a flamboyantly big necklace too. If you are feeling daring, wear a print in your style and pair it with accessories that suit you rather than something you might have seen in this month’s fashion mag.  Build up your look with the jewellery and that all-important slick of lipstick.

For further advice, visit House of Colour

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