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Posted on: 28 February 2018 by Olderiswiser Editorial

Helen Venables, MD of House of Colour, gives tips and pointers on colour palettes and combinations ahead of this year's spring and summer seasons.

House of colour


  1. Throw black and other dark colours to the back of the wardrobe this Spring.  Mix and match shades to make different, stand out combinations by colour blocking, but do stick to the colours within your season’s palette
  2.  Florals continue to be a popular style to lookout for this season including garden, tropical, bright vintage and ditsy florals. Ensure you get your scale right when wearing patterns, those big, statement florals are best for romantics while ditsy florals are especially good for ingenues.
  3. An overtly feminine trend means layered sheers, florals and frothy frills in abundance. Pretty pastel dresses for spring colour palettes are also making a mark this season but be sure to choose a dress that works well with your body type.
  4. If pastels aren’t your thing, be a ray of sunshine with playful bright colours from your seasons colour palette.  Colours like cherry tomato, emerald green and of course 2018’s pantone colour of the year, ultra violet, were colours seen across all the fashion runways.  Use colour blocking this Spring to add a bit of sass to your wardrobe and to feel uplifted in the warmer weather.
  5. This season also features exotic tropical prints. If you are not feeling quite so brave accessorise with a light-weight scarf or safari sunglasses. Sartorial dressing continues with unexpected shapes, some curvilinear, others asymmetric, with folding, twisting and draping for the dramatics amongst us.
  6. Trousers are more tailored, but many designers chose roomier fits and wider legs.
  7. Handbags come in a variety of shapes this season, from circles to squares so this is an easy way to experiment and try something new. Ditch your darker handbags this spring and choose a gorgeous neutral, coral, green or tan.
  8. Knowing what reds suits you means you can use this primary colour to liven up your look in your signature style this Spring. As for the other primary colours, summer and winter season palettes will be hard pushed to find a cool yellow that suits, and autumns and springs need to stick to the warm blues that lift their complexion.

 For more information about the topics raised above and to browse the House of Colour's online catalogue visit the site via the link below:

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