How to travel without a care in later life

Posted on: 12 April 2018 by 50connect Promotions

Your later years are the prime time in life to find your inner wanderer. Here are a few reasons why you should let nothing hold you back.

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Those of us who have reached the milestone know only too well that life begins at 50. And what better way to embrace your golden age than by jetting off to pastures new and travelling the world?

If only it was that simple, I hear you sigh. No matter how much you’d love to leave it all behind for an adventure of a lifetime, there’s always something holding you back, be it finances or concerns about your health.

Your later years are the prime time in life to find your inner wanderer. With no kids and perhaps no job to think about, you can travel at your leisure, and with a little planning, make it a blissfully stress-free experience. And if students fresh out of university can find the money to backpack around the globe, why can’t you?

Comfort in numbers

Some people worry about whether they will be safe travelling to far flung corners of the world, far from the comforts of home and family. Others, who perhaps find themselves alone in later life, would love to travel, but feel awkward about doing it without some company.

Senior travel tours are a great way to see the world while making new friends and enjoying all the benefits of an active social life en route. Group travel can vary from day trips and excursions put on specially for older travellers once you reach your destination, to complete holiday packages for groups of silver jet setters. Whichever you choose, meeting and mixing with new people can add an extra special something to what is already the trip of a lifetime.

Load up with a silver budget

It’s known that, on reaching retirement age, there are all sorts of financial perks in the form of concessions on travel, leisure activities, even in pubs and restaurants. This applies the world over, so put your money worries aside by budgeting the smart silver way.

You will be able to find cheap senior deals on pretty much any excursion you can think of in most tourist destinations, allowing you to see the sights on a budget. Even better, once retired, you have the freedom to travel off-peak, so can take advantage of cut-price deals on flights and accommodation, too.

Manage your medical condition

A long-standing medical condition should be no impediment to giving free rein to your adventurous side. As long as it is well managed and you are in good health, travelling should be no problem. Speak to your GP, heed their advice take any necessary precautions and load up on any medication you need for the duration of the trip.

Also, make sure you take out appropriate travel insurance. Most standard policies do not cover existing medical conditions, so if you need medical treatment abroad, you will have to pay. However, specialist providers offer single trip travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions included in the small print.

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