Private medical insurance for the over 50s

Posted on: 05 August 2019 by 50connect Promotions

When you’re not feeling your best, who doesn’t love over-heated microwave meals and soggy baked potatoes? No? It doesn’t always have to be that way.

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If you visit a private hospital, you will have freshly cooked meals prepared on site, to gently ease you into recovery. If this isn’t your thing, then how about a private room, shorter waiting lists, and control over when you receive your treatment. Some even have a nice view and free parking. You’ll feel like you’re in a hotel rather than a hospital!

Yes private hospitals are expensive, but that’s where we come in. With National Friendly, paying monthly for our private medical insurance can make private treatment costs more accessible. Our policies start from £48.72 a month*, and we were recently nominated in the Cover Customer Care Awards for Best Private Medical Insurance.

We offer a choice between two policies: an Out-Patient Plan or In/Day-Patient Plan.

The Out-Patient Plan offers prompt appointments with private GPs and specialist consultants, providing quick diagnoses when you need it most. It also provides mental health sessions and musculoskeletal treatment without having to wait for a GP referral.

The In/Day-Patient Plan offers £1million of cover per policy year for private hospital in/day-patient treatments and operations, including an extensive range of heart and cancer treatments. Last year we paid 99% of medical claims. It also gives you the choice from one of the widest lists of private hospitals available from any insurer with the option of an extended hospital list which covers all central London hospitals.

So why have tuna mayo when you can have smoked salmon? Call our friendly team today on 0330 0580 882 for a personalised quote or visit – it could be the wisest spent 60 seconds of your life.

* Based on a 50 year old with an In/Day-patient Plan with £250 excess.

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