A Two Week Body Blitz

Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

In Time For Summer 

Body Blitz, a new health and fitness video is a two week plan to help you get in shape for summer, presented by Britain's four-time aerobic champion and Commonwealth Martial Arts Champion, Micah Hudson.  Micah is accompanied by the winners of Now magazine's Slimmer's Of The Year award and a consultant from Colour Me Beautiful to demonstrate that you can flatter your individual body shape by dressing in different colours and styles.  Michael van Straten, the UK's leading complimentary therapist, has written a detox diet to accompany the video.  The diet has been formulated with the makers of Pure Plan, a herbal drink which is diluted in a litre of mineral water and drunk throughout the day to help detoxify the body.  

The workout consists of a stimulating assortment of low-impact aerobic exercises to kick-start your calorie-burning engine.  Combining vigorous yet easy-to-follow moves coupled with anaerobic intervals, the half an hour workout focuses on bums, tums, thighs and upper arms. The video has two workout sections, one for the first week and a slightly tougher one for the second.  Motivation is the key to achieving all your fitness goals and Micah oozes enthusiasm with his firm belief that exercise should be fun.

He describes the workout as "simple yet effective" and stresses that the secret for anyone starting an exercise programme is knowing when to stop.  "Always talk to your doctor before you begin any form of exercise and start by doing everything in moderation.  Quality not quantity is the key to these exercises so ease off if  it's getting too much and pick it up again when you feel ready.  As the saying goes, 'every little helps' and this certainly applies to exercise.  Just keep at it and you'll be surprised by how much you can do by the end of the two weeks."    

The Body Blitz video containing Michael van Straten's detox diet is released on 4th June.  



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