More Active Ageing – the film of the Year!

Posted on: 29 March 2012 by Anthony Page

A couple of weeks ago I was moaning about all the ‘European Years’ that had come and gone without most of us even hearing about them – particularly the 2012 Year of Active Ageing.

Well, to put me in my place, I got a news release from the University Centre Peterborough with an embedded video attached (see below). Made by two students working with organisations in East Anglia and London - as well as a lot of older citizens, it captures what Active Aging is all about.

Take a look at it and learn. I for one will – as the years have passed, I have done little or no exercise other than walking to and from my car, followed by 8 hours sitting in office chairs and finally a ‘slouch’ on the settee before going to bed.

Well I’m paying for it now to such and extent that I’m going into training for my monumental Olympic torch carrying event in July (all 300 yards of it!).

Whatever age you are you can always get fitter and my advice is start as early as you can. As for me, my first goal is to be able to touch my toes again – start small but think big!

If you want to share your views, you can email me via my profile or at [email protected]. Better still; just leave your comments below where everyone else can join in the debate.

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