Easy Party Cakes

Posted on: 29 November 2007 by Gareth Hargreaves

Impressive cakes for that special occasion. 

• 45g (1 ½ oz) white
• 20g (¾ oz) grey

• 450g (1lb / 2c) buttercream

• Edible glue and brush

• Confectioners glue and brush

• Red powdered colouring food


• Large rolling pin
• Ruler
• Cake smoother
• 15cm (6 in) round cake card or template
• No.1 plain piping tube
• 2 x parchment paper piping bags
• Scissors
• No.6 sable paintbrush


11. Knead 500g (1lb 1¾ oz) of brown sugarpaste until soft and pliable. Roll out using a sprinkling of icing sugar to prevent sticking and cover the cake board. Press over the surface to prevent dimples. Trim excess from around the edges and then set aside to dry.

2. Trim the crust from each cake and slice the top flat. To flatten the base of the barrel, put one cake on top of the other and then slice a little from one side. To narrow the front and back of the barrel, trim around the top edges and turn upside and repeat at the opposite end. Sandwich all cakes together and stand the barrel shape upwards. Spread the surface with a layer of buttercream as a crumb coat to seal the cake and help the sugarpaste stick./font>

3. Roll out 500g (1lb 1¾ oz) of brown sugarpaste and cut an oblong to cover across the top of the cake leaving the two ends uncovered. Smooth down and around the shape and smooth the surface with a cake smoother. Indent an even line across the surface by pressing in with a ruler. Scratch a wood grain effect using a cocktail stick or knife. Position the cake on the centre of the cake board.

4. To cover each end of the cake, roll out the remaining brown and cut two circles using the cake card or template. Mark lines across the surface and scratch a wood grain effect as before. Lift and carefully press in place using the cake smoother to prevent dimples. Roll out the trimmings and cut two thin strips to edge the joins, marking wood grain as before. Thinly roll out 75g (2 ½oz) of black modelling paste and cut two strips for the banding. Stick in a position and mark the bolts with the tip of a No.1 piping tube.

5. Make a hole in the front of the cake using the end of a paintbrush and moisten with glue. Roll 5g (just under ¼ oz) of brown modelling paste into a sausage and indent into one end to open up using the end of a paintbrush. Leave to set for a few moments and then stick in place supported by a piece of foam. And a little teardrop shaped drip of brown modelling paste at the end.

6. For a wet effect, paint a thin coat of confectioner’s glaze over the cake board, leave to dry then repeat until a high shine is achieved. Put the white royal icing into a piping bag a snip a small hole in the tip. Pipe royal icing around the base of the cake concentrating more at the front and back and stipple using the no.6 paintbrush. Repeat around the cake board edge.

7. To make the trousers, roll the pale blue modelling paste into a sausage tapering slightly at one end. Make a cut to separate legs one quarter from the top and then smooth the cut line to soften at the front and back. Cut the bottom of each trouser end straight. Repeat with the dark blue modelling paste and stick in position on the cake.

8. To make the shirts, roll 45g (1 ½ oz) of white modelling paste into a rounded teardrop shape and mark down the centre for the shirt join with a knife. Mark pleats using the tip. Press the flat of the knife down at the top to indent the chest area. Mark buttons using the no.1 piping tube. Stick in position against the pale blue trousers. Thinly roll out and cut a tiny square pocket and a strip for the collar. Stick the pocket in position with the top open slightly and the collar wrapped around the top of the shirt. For sleeves, split the remaining white in half and roll into short sausage shapes. Roll the paintbrush handle over the end of each and push up to create pleats and folds. Repeat for the red shirt, sticking both in position supported by a piece of foam.

9. For the belt, thinly roll out the remaining brown modelling

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