Eggy Bubble & Squeak Cakes

Posted on: 13 January 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Learn how to cook eggy bubble and squeak cakes as well as cooking on a budget.

Even the most cash-strapped families have options for cooking on a budget. As Britain tightens its belt and with food prices up 11% on last year, families are looking for more good value meal options.

The aim is to keep meals both cheap and nutritious, and in this video cook Vicky Nowak has the answer – Eggy Bubble & Squeak Cakes.

Other tips for cooking on a budget include writing a weekly shopping list so that meals are planned out and you don’t end up with masses of food wastage. Buy staple cupboard ingredients that you can use in lots of different dishes.

Consider growing your own vegetables and herbs at home so that there is no need to buy them at the supermarket

A new website has been launched with a range of recipes under £1 per portion to prove that, with food at least you can cut costs but still enjoy a delicious meal.

Set up by British Lions eggs, it’s all about ‘eggonomics’, with recipes ranging from chicken and courgette egg omelette and stir fried Thai noodles, to good old fashioned macaroni and cheese.

Simple ideas also include saving those leftovers and turning them into a complete meal, so something like brussel sprouts and cabbage can turn into bubble and squeak cakes.

And if you are worried about keeping your waistline after a Christmas splurge, medium sized eggs contain only 80kcals and are packed with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and are relatively low in saturated fat.

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