We’re Stir Fry Crazy

Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

We're a nation of stir-fry lovers, according to a poll by Chinese food experts AMOY.

We're a nation of stir-fry lovers, according to a poll by Chinese food experts AMOY.  The survey was conducted amongst 600 adults who had eaten Chinese food in the last three months.

The Chinese food market is currently worth £62m and Terry Tan, chef and writer on Chinese cuisine, commented: "Although Mexican, Thai and many other cuisines have gained in popularity in recent years, Chinese food remains hugely popular and the first choice for many. It is not surprising that its ease and speed of preparation, convenience and association with healthy eating, make it popular," he said.

In the kitchen, stir frying was the top cooking method we feel comfortable with according to 30%.  This moves the microwave into second place according to 20% of us, followed by roasting (18%), grilling (17%) and boiling, a mere 7%.

The survey also shows, unsurprisingly, that it is women who are most confident in the kitchen, with men resorting to the microwave or grill for their quick meal solutions.

Three out of five people say that Chinese is their favourite food.  The reason for this popularity is the speed and convenience.  Oriental food narrowly beat the traditional roast (23%), Italian (19%), Indian (18%) and fish and chips (10%) but with one in two households owning a wok, the Chinese food sector grew by 6% in volume in 1999, led by noodles and stir-fry sauces.

However whilst we have a taste for the Orient, we do not always know that certain dishes were created for Western tastes - 64% wrongly believe that Chop Suey originates from China, with 57% believing that Pork Chow Mein is authentic (57%).

Other findings reveal

  • Only 4% of those surveyed would choose to share their meal with Tony Blair. When asked to suggest a dish, almost one in three would opt to serve him beef in black bean sauce, which is symbolically associated in Chinese philosophy with masculinity and assertiveness
  • Eating Chinese food is seen as a social occasion with 38% choosing to go to a Chinese restaurant for a celebration, while Indian food is associated with a fun night out with friends (25%) and a meal out at an English steak house is a family occasion (41%)
  • 23% of people would cook their partner a Chinese stir-fry if they wanted to prepare a quick but impressive meal and prawns was the top food to put them in a romantic mood (traditionally considered an aphrodisiac).

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