Season of fruitfulness

Posted on: 20 September 2018 by 50connect editorial

It's time to harvest and preserve your garden's crops, as well as gathering seeds for next year. We have all the advice gardeners need.

preserved tomatoes

It's time to start gathering the seeds from your summer crop and preserve some of your produce, so follow our tips for collecting and storing seeds if you want to start some plants for free next year.

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Gardening At Harvest Time: There are lots of vegetables to pick, as well as some to plant and prune.

Ripe for the picking: vegetables and fruit at harvest time.

Pick Your Own: Advice on fruit and veg from Craig James, head chef at Quaglino's.

Preserving Produce: Follow the recipe to ensure success and safety.

Rooting Around: Imaginative ideas for cooking beetroot.

Saving Seeds: Plan ahead now and save yourself some money next year!

Successful Seed Storage: Gardeners usually have a few extra seeds or seed packages left over after planting their gardens, and leftover seeds can be stored to grow another day.

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