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Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

A skin care range with a difference.

A skin care range with a difference.

Skin Wisdom Extra Care has long been relied upon to cater to women who require just that little more help with their beauty regime. Created for Tesco by one of the country's leading holistic beauty therapists, Bharti Vyas, this comprehensive collection of firming and anti-wrinkle formulations has been designed to be easily integrated into your personalised beauty regime and offer an unparalleled age defying skin care range at outstanding value for money.

Bharti says, "As we age our skin gradually loses its ability to retain moisture and requires more assistance to rejuvenate. The Extra Care range is a wonderful regime of beauty preparations which will help to develop a healthier, younger looking skin. The products are great too for women who require a little extra help to overcome the ageing effects of social drinking and smoking".

There are three new additions to the Skin Wisdom Extra Care range, which include an age defying cleanser, toner and an ingenious line minimiser. These latest preparations will extend and complement the Skin Wisdom Extra Care skincare line to embrace a full top-to-toe treatment programme. The packaging is sleek and tactile and each product is contained within a bespoke, elegant white and silver carton.

Extra Care Age Defying Cleanser

This new addition to the Skin Wisdom Extra Care line has been specially formulated for needy skins. It contains active ingredients to help regain moisture and firmness whilst effectively cleansing skin.

Key ingredients include Coenzyme Q10 - discovered in the late 1950s, this vitamin-like substance mimics the cell renewal process that is present in every cell of the body and also functions as an antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 will help to restore elasticity and firmness to needy skins.  Retinol - also known as vitamin A, which is renowned for benefiting mature skin, it also helps to increase the thickness and elasticity of the epidermis. It also reduces UV-induced wrinkle formation and helps to minimise the visible signs of ageing.  Chamomile - known to the ancient Egyptians who considered it as a sacred herb, and dedicated it to their Gods. Chamomile contains protecting properties which act to catch free radicals. It has also been used widely in folk medicine and is has very effective anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe, calm and refresh tired skin.  Ceramides - mimic the natural formation of the lipid barrier in the skin. The components contained within act to help repair damaged skin and help to reinforce the skin's natural protective barrier against moisture loss which help damaged and sensitive skin.

Bharti's Therapy:
"Apply the Age Defying Cleanser to the palm of the hand, using the balls of the fingers cleanse the face and neck by massaging gently in small circular movements, upward towards the hairline. Remove excess cleanser with a cotton pad or Skin Wisdom Age Defying Wipes and finish with Age Defying Toner. Complete this regime with Age Defying Daily Moisturiser or Extra Care Night Firming Cream".

Skin Wisdom Extra Care Toner

When used in conjunction with Extra Care cleanser, this gentle tonic for the face will help close pores and increase circulation leaving the complexion refreshed and ready for moisturising. Extra Care Toner contains many active ingredients which help accelerate the delivery of nutrients and the removal of toxins to the skin. Best results are achieved when used as part of a daily Skin Wisdom Extra Care beauty regime.

Key ingredients are similar to the cleanser except the toner contains Barbados Cherry, also known as Acerola.  Although originally from Central America, it contains high levels of Vitamin C and essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. Vitamin C has many antioxidant and free radical properties which help to reduce the visible signs of ageing. The mineral salts found in the Barbados Cherry help to re-mineralise tired, stressed skin too.  It also contains zinc, a great antioxidant nutrient which aids the cell renewal process and works to help maintain the body's alkaline balance. Zinc has been shown to help close the pores and reduce excessive sebum release ensuring skin stays as clean as possible.

Bharti's Therapy:
"After cleansing, apply Age Defying Toner to a cotton pad and use in gentle upward and outward strokes; remove excess cleanser, by pressing cotton pad on cleansed skin. Take care around the delicate eye area and use the ring finger for a lighter touch".

Skin Wisdom Extra Care Line Minimiser

The Extra Care Line Minimiser works on those areas of the face that require special attention and will help the complexion to remain youthful by gently smoothing the appearance of laughter lines and creases. This special formulation contains pro-vitamin C and UV filters which enhance the skin cell's defence mechanism and long term, provides protection from premature ageing, whilst the naturally occurring amino acid creatine gives skin an energy boost. It would seem this 'magic' minimiser has arrived just in time for the party season!

Key ingredients include coenzyme Q10, retinol, chamomile, whitesphere which contains a vitamin C derivative which is encapsulated within a multi-layer sphere which progressively releases Pro vitamin C onto the skin over time and creatine which is found naturally in the human body, mainly in the muscles. It enhances the skin cells defence mechanism by increasing the reserve of cellular energy. This in turn provides long term protection from premature ageing and environmental stresses.

Bharti's Therapy:
"The face is one of the most active areas and requires some extra special treatment to combat the daily stresses and strains of life. Apply a small amount of Line Minimiser to frown lines, crow's feet and laughter lines, use your ring finger for gentle application. For a quick facial toner, apply continuous firm pressure, pressing slightly upwards just below the middle of the lower lip with the index or middle finger. This tones the facial muscles and skin".

A trial in which a panel of 54 women used the Extra Care Line Minimiser revealed that 89% of women thought that their skin felt softer and smoother after using the product and 83% of women thought that their skin felt supple after using the product.

Bharti's Words of Wisdom:
"Here is a simple exercise to help with facial toning, remember to use gentle movements. Facial muscles are small and will feel the benefit from gradual toning.

"Smoothing Deep Smile Lines - for this therapy use a dab of Skin Wisdom Extra Care Line Minimiser. Gently place your fingertips above your eyebrows, flare nostrils as wide as possible and raise your eyebrows high and wide against the resistance of your fingers. Wrinkle up your nose as much as you can, imagining it moving upwards towards your forehead. Use the muscles in your upper lip to pull your nose down towards your chin while keeping the resistance of your raised eyebrows. Repeat 10 times without using your fingers."

Skin Wisdom has not been tested on animals for or by Tesco. For stockist enquiries call 0800 505 555.

New Extra Care Age Defying Cleanser - £4.50/200ml (£2.25/100ml)
New Extra Care Age Defying Toner - £4.50/200ml (£2.25/100ml)
New Extra Care Age Defying Line M

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