Banish Loose Dentures

Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

A revolutionary new dental treatment from America is now available in the UK, which does away with embarrassing dentures.

A revolutionary new dental treatment from America is now available in the UK, which does away with embarrassing dentures.

Over 2 million people currently have to use conventional false teeth, and are beset with the traditional problems of them coming loose, being embarrassed about eating in public and ending the day by dropping them into a glass by the side of the bed.

At present the only alternative is to have painful surgery where individual false teeth are placed on the top of titanium rods inserted into the gums.  Because of the discomfort and complexity of the process  this can take up to 18 months and cost around £50,000 for both upper and lower jaws.

The London Dental Implant Centre, part of the Victoria Dental Practice organisation has not brought over a system from the US using mini-implants, which can solve both problems with a simple walk-in treatment that takes just one hour and costs approximately from £3000 per jaw.  The system has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA for 'on-going' use.

A number of famous personalities have had mini implants put in place including legendary tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, ballet star Dame Margot Fontaine and actor Pete O' Toole.

Typically four tiny mini implant screws are set into each jaw using a local anaesthetic.  These are topped by equally small press-stud attachments onto which the set of false teeth are located, simply clicking into place.  They an be removed instantly if required, but there is no need for them to be taken out on a daily basis.

The whole process can be completed in a lunch break with the wearer returning to home or work completely confident in having perfect set of teeth that don't have to be taken out, are held firmly in place.  Biting apples no longer needs to hold any fear.

Dr Azhar Sheikh from the London Dental Implant Centre told 50 Connect that a pair of wind up teeth might sound like a joke, but for thousands of people, traditional dentures are a daily irritation.

"Traditional false teeth are difficult to locate and hard to clean.  For many wearers the possibility of them coming loose whilst eating with friends or business colleagues is so embarrassing that they simply refuse to go out, or order the sloppiest food on the menu."

"Some people are so psychologically traumatised and damaged by wearing dentures that they are known as denture cripples because  their greatest sensitivity to personal matters in our experience women seem to suffer more.  The problem is that up until now, the only alternative has been extremely expensive surgery where large titanium rods are inserted into the gums.  This can be painful and involve a series of operations and has to be done over many months because often a rod has to be inserted into the jaw for every individual false tooth.  The typical cost of £25,000 per jaw, as well as the suffering, makes this treatment impossible for most people."

The mini-implant alternative has been used in the USA for about twenty years without any long term problems, and because both jaws can be treated in an hour, the cost of treatment is almost a tenth of the conventional implant surgery.  If required, new sets of dentures can be made by the centre in just a few days.

The system can sometimes be used to help people with partial dentures, where the denture is replaced by just a couple of mini implants which will hold the small set of false teeth in place without the need to attach on to neighbouring teeth for support.  Single teeth can also be easily replaced.  This would be ideal for example for the younger person who has lost a tooth in a sporting incident or other accident or is missing one from birth.

The treatment is now available in London at the specially equipped London Dental Implant Centre, 27 Warwick Way, Victoria, London.  For further information telephone 020 7630 0782

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