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Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Spend time at the Vitality Show 2004.

Spend time at the Vitality Show 2004.

The Vitality Show 2004 is back, returning with all the latest news in health, beauty, healthy eating, fitness, spa and well-being. Running from 27th – 29th March, this year's show will also feature zoned areas showcasing some of the latest names in health and beauty.

One such exhibitor at this year's Vitalitty Show is Restylane, a natural injectable beauty treatment containing a crystal clear gel made from a hyaluronic acid (HA), produced by biotecchnology.

HA is found naturally in our skin but, as we age, supplies of hydrating HA gradually deplete. The treatment replenishes those supplies, plumping and ssmoothing our skin to revitalise looks and diminish facial lines. However unlike collagen and other injectable beauty treatments, it does not contain any animal products and allergic reactions are rare.

The treatment is quick, taking less than half an hour and the effects can be seen immediately and last from around six to nine months. It can only be administered by medically qualified doctors, nurses and dentists. For practical advice and essential information about how to choose a reliable clinic in your local area call 0800 015 5548. You can also find more information at . It is important to remember that when considering facial rejuvenation, you need to be very realistic about your treatment expectations.

For further information visit the website on or book tickets on 0870 120 0724

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