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Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Enhance your natural beauty without surgery.

Enhance your natural beauty without surgery.

The introduction of the Skin Wisdom Instant Benefits range has bridged the gap between cosmetics and skincare. These clever new products have addressed the need for affordable skincare products that provide cosmetic-enhancing properties whilst at the same time, giving fabulous results.

"Nourishment and moisturisation are complemented by the addition of complexion enhancing ingredients which lift your natural beauty," says creator of the range and beauty expert, Bharti Vyas.

This premium skincare range comprises of six 'instant therapies' including four exceptional new lines which contain a unique blend of active ingredients to enhance natural beauty. Their stylish packaging reflects the products no-nonsense abilities when it comes to skin care. The products do exactly what they say they do, leaving skin nourished and the user feeling sensuous.

But, the products best asset is their price. Never before has the beauty industry seen such quality products, beautifully packaged and at such reasonable prices. Let's hope other industry leaders follow suit, but even if they don't, we and our testers are blissfully happy to continue to use these products and let's face it, what more do you want from a skin care range except instant results and value for money.

The Range

Plumping Lip Gloss - for full glossy lips
This smart new product visibly enhances the lips, giving a natural 'pout' with the benefits of the light reflective particles that provide a natural shimmer. Used regularly, the plumper will improve lines, moisturise and plump lips. The formula contains ingredients that stimulate the lips, creating a slight tingling sensation. Plant-derived amino acid and wheat protein work to promote plumper, fuller looking lips.

The active ingredients are the secret to this product which contains a plant-derived Amino Acid which is the plumping ingredient, delivered directly through the skin where it helps the production of collagen, making lips appear fuller. It gives immediate and long term results, including moisturising effects and a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.

Additional ingredients include wheat protein which rehydrate, volumising the skin's structure and smoothing the skin surface; light reflecting particles to offer instant radiance and the appearance of fuller lips, cranberry seed oil for it's rich moisturising and antioxidant properties and white tea for it's anti-ageing benefits which work by protecting against oxidative stress.

A trial in which a panel of 55 women used the Instant Benefits Plumping Lip Gloss revealed that 80% thought their lips felt more moisturised compared with the start of the trial and over half found an improvement in the fullness of their lips after three weeks

Skin Refiner - for a soft, smooth complexion
Ideal for mature skin, this refiner is able to assist with the filling of lines which helps give the complexion a soft, smooth and more even finish. Ideal Skin Refiner provides a perfect base to apply make-up but it can also be used on its own to provide a satin-smooth finish to the skin whilst balancing the T-zone area.

Key ingredients include Laminaria which is rich in mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins. Laminaria helps to regulate excess sebum flow and so controls excess oil. This ingredient purifies and balances the skin's pH by forming a film with the skin's proteins and helping to maintain optimal hydration.

Other key ingredients include fig extract for its moisturising abilities, soothing liquorice for its anti-inflammatory properties which calm the skin and white tea which provides anti-ageing benefits which work by protecting against oxidative stress.

Eye Brightener - for illuminated radiant eyes
This instant therapy is something Bharti refers to as 'nature and nurture'. Illuminating Eye Brightener gives a little short-term help, giving the eye area an instant visual radiance, perfect for use after a late night or for extra illumination before a big night out.

Key ingredients include cranberry seed oil for its antioxidant properties; arnica to help reduce puffiness around the eyes and illuminating particles which when placed in a wrinkle, the fluorescent compound illuminates its shadow and reduces its visibility. At the same time the particle diffuses the light reflected from the wrinkle, giving it a 'soft focus' effect.

Moonlight Renewal Cream - for night-time rejuvenation
You can awaken to a rejuvenated complexion with this refreshing and restoring cream.
This night cream contains extracts to help ensure skin has the best possible assistance whilst replenishing moisture during the night. Delicately infused with natural extracts of rose and lavender oil, its gentle and therapeutic fragrance will calm the mind and help lull you off to sleep.

Key ingredients include active gold complex, a mine

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