Hand and Nail Care

Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Very few parts of our body speak our age as loudly as our hands.

Very few parts of our body speak our age as loudly as our hands. As we get older the skin loses it's elasticity and the veins seems to rise through the surface of the skin. Here are some tips to keep those hands looking younger for longer in addition to some nail polish tricks.

  • Buy a nourishing hand cream and make sure you use this regularly, particularly in the Winter. Regular moisturiser will not do because finger nails lose moisture ten times quicker than skin, so require greater protection.
  • Always protect hands with rubber gloves when cleaning, washing up or using chemicals if any kind.
  • Before you wash the dishes in hot water, apply a thick layer of hand cream and then put on the rubber gloves. The heat from the water will help the cream soak in leaving your hands silky smooth and protected.
  • To make fingernails stronger dip them in a salty water. Add a teaspoon of salt to half a tumbler of water.
  • Massaging olive oil into your cuticles will promote nail growth and strengthen nails.
  • Always buff and file in one direction only.
  • If applying nail polish always apply two layers of clear base coat first to protect them.
  • For easier application, keep nail polish in the fridge.
  • Nail polish dries quicker if you put your fingers under cold running water as soon as it is partially set.
  • To avoid bubbles when you apply polish roll the bottle between your palms to mix the colour. Shaking the bottle only encourages them!

If you have any beauty secrets to share or a product to recommend or slate let us know! Email [email protected].

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