Pampering For The Post-Party Season

Posted on: 09 January 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Feeling tired after the festivities and a little lacklustre this month? Treat yourself to one of these rejuvenating products and soothe away the January blues.

After the excesses of the festivities, soothe your mind, body and soul and boost overall health with these detoxifying and refreshing ideas, guaranteed to leave you feeling revived and ready for the year ahead.

Weleda Iris Refreshing Gel MasqueIf the party season has left your skin dry and dehydrated, then try this heavenly solution for thirsty skin from Weleda, this new Iris Refreshing Gel Mask (£5.40) will give lacklustre skin a boost. Its non-greasy soothing gel formulated with organic iris extract and cooling seaweed will leave your skin feeling toned, smooth and supple. Iris is an ideal skincare ingredient, helping the skin self-regulate and balance moisture levels naturally. To buy this product, visit

Relax, unwind and chill out using ‘This Works’ aromatherapy kits, part of the new range from the former Health and Beauty Director of Vogue. Use the Hot Stone Essences (£40) in the Hot Stone Burner (£30) to provide a therapeutic boost of health and energy, benefitting both mood and emotions. For further information visit

Maintain winter wellness and combat the many negative things your body, mind and health experience at this time of year with Kiwiherbs' Organic Ginger & Kawakawa Syrup, a warming and uplifting cold-weather tonic (£7.96 for 50ml £11.95 for 100ml). After weakening our immune system in December, January often delivers an unwanted shock to our health, as we become more prone to illness and lethargy, and easy pickings for the season’s cold and flu viruses. This uplifting tonic helps stimulate a sluggish circulation and cognitive functions and is great at combating those irritating chilblains. More information can be found at

After keeping yourself preened and clean shaven for all those Christmas parties help your skin recover with the ideal solution to redness, bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs caused by shaving or waxing. MiN-solution 2 Rollerball (£16) is a great post shave remedy for both men and women. It contains a blend of liquid aspirin and organic spearmint to alleviate irritation and heal your skin, and get rid of those unsightly bumps. For further information visit

Optima Australian Tea Tree Antiseptic Blemish StickDuring the festive season the drinks flow and we tend to fill up on all the wrong foods, whether it's to the shops or our next party we dash around and as our social lives blossom this often takes its toll on our complexion. Falling out of our normal skincare routine and too many late nights can trigger problematic skin conditions such as party-pooping pimples. The good news, however, is that both the Australian Tea Tree Blemish Stick (£3.99) and Organic Tea Tree Blemish Gel (£3.99) offer invisible treatment for problem skin, utilising the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of tea tree. More information can be found at

If you feel you’ve had one drink too many in December, then dose yourself up on milk thistle (from £9.99), the perfect way to protect and help repair the liver cells. It works by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and helping to cleanse and detoxify an overburdened liver of substances, such as alcohol, medications, pesticides and environmental toxins. A great idea if you are looking to kick-start a New Year detox plan. Make sure the milk thistle comes standardised and contains a high percentage of silymarin. Milk thistle is available from all good health shops and online from

With a rescue treat for the hands, lips and feet inside, plus a few useful extras for any New Year holidays, the new Earthy Badger Body Care Kit (£11.95) is a must have! It contains Healing Balm, Foot Balm, Highland Mint and Tangerine Breeze Lip Balm Sticks and travel packs of SPF15 Sunblock, Sore Muscle Rub and Anti-Bug Balm. The Badger Kits are available in 3 varieties and are packaged in a colourful tube made of recycled paper. More information can be found at

Help combat the January blues that comes with the short dark days with the Rise and Shine Lumie Bodyclock (£59.95). If the idea of waking up more positive and energetic appeals to you, or you would like to improve your sleep patterns and feel better when you wake up, light therapy can offer a natural and effective solution. The Rise and Shine Bodyclock wakes you with a sunrise, the brightening light gradually effects hormone production in your body keeping your sleep/wake cycle on track helping you to feel alert, revitalized and energised all day. You can find further details at

Kiwiherb Organic New Zealand Ginger & Kawakawa SyrupIf you are feeling the effects of being the first to arrive and the last to leave the party during the festive season why not try GAC Supreme (£9.99). Gac is a powerful wonder fruit and Gac Supreme is a brand new super antioxidant blend. It has an astonishing nutritional content and includes Goji berry, Siberian Pineapple berry, Cili fruit and Camu Camu fruit which has the highest recorded amount of Vitamin C known on the planet. With its amazing nutritional content, it may even help slow the common affects of the ageing process. More information can be found at

Ease away the tensions the festive season can often bring with the Omni Massage Roller (£10.99). This therapeutic tool is an effective way to relieve stress, soothe muscle pain and help improve circulation, whilst reducing the build up of toxins. It’s simple, effective and makes pinpointing problem areas easy, and the good news is it is small enough to be used anywhere anytime! You can find further details at

Spare a thought this season for your poor hands and lips, which are usually the first casualties of the harsh winter weather. With biting cold winds and the drying effects of central heating it is no wonder your skin, in particular your hands and lips, needs that extra bit of TLC. Give parched hands a sumptuous organic treat with Bod Virgin Blend Hand Therapy (£12.50). This soothing cream is a cocktail of hydrating, protecting and nourishing natural ingredients, including Manuka honey, Shea butter and essential oils of rose, lemon and patchouli. As you can imagine it smells divine too. Bod Lip Balm (£6.50) is seventh heaven for winter dry lips. More information can be found at

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