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Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Expert tips you can't afford to miss.

Expert tips you can't afford to miss.

Mascaras are the only product with a short shelf life.  They should be binned every three months no matter how much is used, so be ruthless and ditch it!  Other makeup including lipsticks, eye shadows and foundations keep for longer but they should still be binned once they have been open 18 months.

To make eyes look bigger, always use eye lash curlers before applying mascara.  Basic model costs around five pounds and a painless but essential part of any beauty kit. 

Foundation's which are light reflective help give skin a radiant appearance and look much more youthful than heavier alternatives that sit in fine lines.

When your body temperature increases your eye shadow colour darkens.  On warmer days, brush the lids with a light or even white eye shadow before applying your usual colour.  This adds a new dimension to the original shade and doubles your colour palette.

Always choose a lipstick that is one shade lighter than your lipliner.  To avoid buying the wrong shade, always buy your lipliner and lipsticks together.  If you have a favourite lip liner make sure you know the brand and hue so you can find the tester in the shop before you purchase additional lipsticks.

Lip liner accentuates the lips but there is nothing worse than an obvious drawn line.  Instead, hold the pencil flat against your lips so that the side of the nib covers a greater area of the lip.  Using a sweeping motion, add colour to approximately two thirds of the lip area then smooth the effect by using the tip to line the lips.  Then apply your lipstick as you usually would, inside the outer line.  This technique helps blend the two colours together and also encourages it to stay on longer.

Finally, never apply makeup in a dark room unless you wish to look like Morticia from the Adamm's Family!  Position the mirror next to a window or in a room with a strong light.   

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