Take The Hurt Out Of Hair Removal

Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Fuzz-free results every time.

Fuzz-free results every time.

Hair removal is one of life's chores that we have to tackle, but this grooming ritual need not be so daunting. Skin Wisdom has developed a range of different hair removal solutions to give perfect fuzz free results.

This extensive range of depilatories offers a choice of popular hair removal methods including depilatory creams, cold wax strips and a sugaring kit. These products are complemented by an after-care soothing gel.

Skin Wisdom is a specialist skincare range developed by Bharti Vyas exclusively for Tesco. It comprises over fifty products that work in harmony with each other. All products in this unique range offer you the opportunity to experience a professional beauty treatment in the comfort of your own home.

As with the rest of the Skin Wisdom range the hair removal products are all top quality but are affordably priced so that everyone can reap the benefits of a professional beauty treatment. Elegantly packaged in soft metallic colours they will not stand out from other beauty items in your bathroom, so there is no need to hide them away.

All items in the range are easy to use and come complete with a leaflet detailing Bharti's expert advice and tips to ensure perfect hair removal the painless way. In line with Skin Wisdom's existing range each product contains a unique blend of four natural extracts that enhance the results and ensure a pampering and caring experience.

Delapilatory Creams
All three depilatory creams come packaged in an attractive carton containing a curved plastic spatula and detailed information leaflet.

Skin Wisdom Hair Removal Depilatory Cream - Floral (£3, 100ml)
A lightly fragranced Floral Hair Removal Cream that leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hair free. This variant is suitable for all skin types and is recommended to be used on legs and arms. The cream combines gentle depilation actives with the natural ingredients of traditional Aloe Vera, Olive and Manuka Honey which are renowned for their calming, moisturising and softening benefits and Rock Rose which gives soothing results.

Skin Wisdom Hair Removal Depilatory Cream - Sensitive (£3, 100ml)

When applied using Bharti's application tips this sensitive depilatory cream will leave skin silky smooth without any irritation. The natural ingredients include Aloe Vera, Olive, Manuka Honey and Green Tea, an excellent anti-oxidant which protects the skin.

Skin Wisdom Hair Removal Depilatory Cream - Bikini Line (£5, 2x50ml)

A depilatory cream specially formulated for use on the sensitive bikini line area. This bikini line kit contains a 50ml depilatory cream and 50ml moisturising after cream. Natural ingredients include Aloe Vera, Olive, Manuka Honey and Green Tea.

Wax Strips
Skin Wisdom cold wax strips are ideal for those preferring smooth and hair free areas that last weeks. The wax strips are particularly suitable for those sensitive to heat, which may prevent the use of more traditional waxing methods. Both variants are enriched with Aloe Vera, Olive, Green Tea and Manuka Oil to soothe, calm, protect and smooth skin. Each pack contains four sachets of Oil Balm wipes infused with Wheat Germ Oil designed to remove any wax residue and leave the waxed area clean, soft and moisturised.

Skin Wisdom Hair Removal Mini Cold Wax Strips For Face & Bikini Line £4

Suitable for all skin types these mini cold wax strips are the perfect size for facial and bikini areas. A pack contains 20 non-woven min cold wax strips (10 double sided strips).

Skin Wisdom Hair Removal Large Cold Wax Strips Ð Body (£5, pack of 12)

Perfect for use on larger areas such as the legs and arms these wax strips have been formulated for use on all skin types. Contents include 12 non-woven cold wax strips (6 double sided strips).

Sugaring is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. It uses natural ingredients which are kind to skin and limits the risks of irritation. Sugaring also has the advantage of keeping you fuzz free for up to several weeks.

Skin Wisdom Hair Removal No Heat Sugaring Kit (£8, 175ml)
The beauty of Skin Wisdom's Sugaring Kit lies in its gel consistency which, unlike many other sugaring products, does not have a grainy texture which can be difficult to apply. The other benefit of this gel is that any residue is easily washed off with lukewarm water. The sugaring gel does not require heating and can be used straight from the jar, using the wooden spatula and non-woven strips provided.

After Care
Skin Wisdom Hair Removal Soothing Gel (£2.50 150ml, £1.67/100ml)
Whether your hair removal method is depilatory creams, waxing, sugaring, shaving or plucking this soothing gel gives the finishing touch to skin. Its delicately fragranced alcohol-free formulation is gentle on the skin leaving a finish that is soft and smooth to the touch. Enriched with natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Olive, Manuka Honey and Green Tea.

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