Taking The Losing Option

Posted on: 29 November 2007 by Gareth Hargreaves

Taking a Losing Finesse.

Recently I played a suit combination very poorly - it was so obvious when my partner explained my error.

I had plenty of entries to both hands playing in 6 spades on the hand below at teams.


spades A Q x x

hearts A

diamonds  K x

clubs A Q 10 x x x

Your holding is South

spades K J x x

hearts x

diamonds A Q x x x

clubs8 7 x

The lead is a heart and trumps are drawn in 3 rounds ending in your hand. See if you can do better than my foolish play.

I finessed the club 10 losing to the Jack and found myself on another guess when leading towards the club AQ moments later.

My partner pointed out that at teams scoring I need to maximise my chances of making the contract - the overtrick is of secondary importance.

So he suggested the best play to only lose 1 club is to cash the Ace first as this ensures 12 tricks against any 2-2 break and any 3-1 break with a singleton King or Jack.

Hope you did better than I did - it is obvious when someone else points it out!

Enjoy your bridge.
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