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Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Pamper yourself with beauty techniques and aphrodisiac tips from leading beauty expert, Bharti Vyas.

Pamper yourself with beauty techniques and aphrodisiac tips from leading beauty expert, Bharti Vyas.

"Beauty on the outside begins on the inside," Bharti's says, matter-of-factly. "The body is connected throughout but any irregularities show on the face. When people talk about a problem on the face, it is not just on the face, it is somewhere inside the body and reflecting in the face."

As an ayurvedic practitioner, Bharti is keen to point out that beauty isn't simply skin deep, it is the result of a healthy body, mind and soul.

"When talking about beauty, I always talk about health. Remember, when we are young, the body sheds 10 billion dead skin cells every day. As we get older the shedding process slows down and that's what causes the thickening of the skin. The skin cannot take exfoliation like that so it thickens causing what we term as mature skin, but skin maturity depends on a lot of things. People who take medication daily, those who abuse drugs, or smoke and drink have thicker skin in their 20's than someone who doesn't abuse their body. Someone who is 60 can have as good skin as someone in their 30's or 40's if they have never smoked or drunk."

Old habits aside, there are still many things we can do to boost our natural beauty, concentrating on three areas the hands, feet and the face.

The Recovery Routine

"When people talk about beauty they don't realise the importance of the hands and feet. People always think of the face but our hands and feet are a very important part of the body."

"Take a body exfoliator and spend a few minutes using it on the feet themselves to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the circulation right through the body. When you have finished bathing, apply a foot cream, body cream or massage oil specifically to the feet. Spend five minutes massaging the feet and hands, paying special attention to the toenail or nail, and in-between the toes and fingers where all the nerve endings are which boost circulation all the way up through the face and scalp."

"The most important piece of advice is to treat your hands and feet to the same pampering as you would your face. Use a very good hand cream on both the hands and the feet and don't leave your hand and foot cream in the bathroom! Keep it in the bedside cupboard so before you retire, you spend five minutes massaging your hhands and feet once, if not twice a day. If you stimulate the acupressure points on the hands and feet you will boost wellbeing, improve the skin and have much more energy."

"Now when it comes to the face, first cleanse with water and then use a face wipe. Try Skin Wisdom Age Defying 3-In-1 Cleansing Wipes which are ideal for maturing skin because they contain vitamin C and mulberry extract which revitalise and brighten the appearance of the skin, co-enzyme Q10 which helps fight the visible signs of ageing and rice peptides to help keep the skin looking youthful."

"Take the wipe in three fingers of each hand and gently massage the face, working up from the neck, over the cheeks, around the eyes and in front of the ears. Massaging the area in front of the ears is very good for boosting circulation and improving the vitality of the skin."

"Next, use a moisturiser but the idea is not to use too heavy a moisturiser. A heavy moisturiser is like putting too much fabric conditioner in the wash. It just makes everything limp. So use a light moisturiser which doesn't feel like it sitting on your skin afterwards."

"All you need to do is follow this basic routine twice a day. In the morning it will remove the dead cells that have built up overnight, and at the end of the day to remove the dirt and grime."

"Pay special attention to the neck as part of the facial routine and always use a light, not heavy touch. As soon as you massage the skin you encourage the dirt to come up to the surface. You then stimulate the skin, boosting the circulation so it can be cleared by the body. If you press too hard you will bring dirt up to the surface of the skin and continue to spread it around."

"Everyone should also use a mask once a week to help remove these troublesome dead skin cells. If you are on medication, or are a drinker or heavy smoker, you should use a mask twice a week."

Acupressure & Aphrodisiac Points

To massage, use the balls of your fingers. This area is richly supplied with nerve endings and, therefore capable of detecting any change in the skin's texture, as well as in the muscle and tissue beneath. These 'sensors' allow us to read our skin more accurately and handle it with greater sensitivity.

The balls of the fingers are used to stimulate nerve endings and galvanize the body's transport systems - blood and lymph - into action using small circular movements in a specified area. The rule is to apply pressure to a depth that feels comfortable. If the area you are working on is tender, you will need to start with a light touch, then apply more pressure as the discomfort begins to ease. Use the balls of the fingers and thumbs to stimulate acupressure points.

Massaging The Hands
Our hands become surprisingly congested. This routine will help to clear the blockages and relieve aches and soreness. With your thumb on top and your index finger in a supporting role, massage the balls of your fingers, your nails and your finger joints. Push your thumb along the furrows between the tendons that run down the back of your hand and glide it up towards the wrist to 'drain' the hand. You will need to work from the outside for the first three movements and from the thumb side for the last one. Pinch the web between each finger before you start each gliding action.

Massaging The Feet
Lubricate the skin of your feet and legs with oil, being careful not to over-oil the feet, as they will become slippery and difficult to work on. In the sitting position, cross one leg over the other so that you are sitting with one ankle resting on the other thigh. This enable you to reach your feet easily, although you may be a bit stiff to begin with. Always start with your 'weaker' side first (your right foot if you left-handed and vice versa) and work with the opposite hand unless otherwise specified.

Any attention you pay to your feet will be handsomely rewarded, as the benef

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