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Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Many long-lasting lipsticks feel drying and uncomfortable on the lips, giving a dull matte colour as a result.

Many long-lasting lipsticks feel drying and uncomfortable on the lips, giving a dull matte colour as a result.  But now, L'oreal have patented new technology to provide a one-step liquid formula with lasting colour and a flattering satin-sheen finish with comfort and softness.  

Most traditional lipsticks are composed of colour pigments mixed with three basic elements - waxes (solid), semi-solid ingredients and oils (liquid).  The solid waxes provide a lipstick's rigidity while the semi-solids, such as lanolin, serve to bind the waxes and oils together, also helping the lipstick to adhere to the lips.  The oils promote shine and moisturisation.  The exact composition of these elements varies in each lipstick formulation and determines the physical and cosmetic properties of a particular lipstick.  In traditional long-lasting lipstick, waxes and semi-solid ingredients are mixed with volatile oils.  As soon as the lipstick is applied, almost 50% of the formulation evaporates, concentrating the colour pigments into the lips.  All that is left behind is a film which is intensely coloured but usually has a matte finish.  Due to the evaporation of the oils the skin can be left feeling dry, taut and uncomfortable.

L'oreal's new lasting lipstick is different.  Unlike traditional lipstick, whose composition is based on high-levels of wax and solid ingredients, Rouge Resist Liquid's formulation is based on a combination of two oils.  These two oils, though normally incompatible, are essential for the success of the formulation - one for providing the lipstick's long-lasting colour and the other for shine and moisturisation.  

L'oreal has added a third ingredient - volatile silicones - which enable the two oils to blend together and ensures that the resulting association is maintained inside Rouge Resist's airtight packaging. It is the bonding of these two formulas which make the lipstick formula totally unique.  These volatile silicones evaporate from the surface of the skin when the lipstick is applied causing the two oils to become incompatible again.  They separate into two distinct layers, so one sites above the other on the surface of the lips. 

The first oil, containing the colour pigments, sits below and thanks to it's adherence properties, fixes a film of colour onto the surface of the lips.  The second, high-shine oil, rises to the surface, providing a layer of brilliance, leaving the lips moisturiserd and protected. The colour last for up to eight hours without drying your lips and leaving you with a flattering satin-sheen finish which that won't feather into lines. 

Rouge Resist Liquid comes in eight different shades;  Lustrous Lilac, Rose Nectar, Silvery Mauve, Rosewood, Honey Pink, Cafe Latte, Iced Coffee and Purple Shine and will be available from May 2001, exclusively in 500 larger Boots stores nationwide, costing £7.49.


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