UK's first hair transplant - by robot

Posted on: 21 February 2013 by 50connect editorial

Revolutionary ‘Robograft’ is used for the very first time in Europe

Ziering, a leading medical provider specializing in hair restoration, has introduced the first and only robotic hair restoration procedure to the UK.

The ARTAS System, or ‘Robograft’*, is a new, physician controlled robotic technology which is set to revolutionise hair transplant surgery in the UK. Ziering currently have an ARTAS system over in Beverly Hills 

The first patient at The West London Clinic was Patrick Shaw, 38 from Liverpool. “I decided to undergo the treatment because during the last 8 or 9 years I have noticed slowly that my hairline has slowly been receding… I hated the way it looked”

“I’m looking forward] to running my fingers through my hair, buying a soft top cabriolet, that kind of thing!”  

With high profile figures such as Wayne Rooney recently benefiting from the FUE procedure, the taboos around hair loss have been challenged, resulting in increased demand for solutions among men and women in the UK.

The introduction of the ARTAS System to the UK means that for the first time ever, people in the UK worrying about hair loss will have access to the latest technology and a permanent solution from just £5000.

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