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Posted on: 23 October 2013 by Vicky Dean

Vicky Dean has some tips on how everyday items can be good future investments for your grandchildren?

Toys and magazines as investments

Have you ever read an article about some old toy or collector’s item that someone found in their attic and sold for a small fortune while you have a distant memory of owning the same thing and throwing it away?

When the children grow up or when we move house, we tend to throw away items that we don’t give a second thought to – toys, books, clothes, items that seem dated or useless, when in fact they could be worth a mint.

Dalek Annual

Nostalgia is a big market, and saving items that seem worthless now could pay big later on, for you or your relatives. So save a little bit of room in the attic and keep a few knick knacks for the future as could end up being a seriously sound investment.

But what do you keep exactly? No-one wants to be a hoarder, and the trick is to look at what has made a lot of money in the past and invest your time and care into collecting and keeping certain items mint in the attic. If you’re not sure what’s useless and what could grow into a small fortune, here is a guide on what to keep for your grandchildren.


You might be sick of hearing about One Direction now, but in thirty years they’re going to have a huge nostalgia value. Original Beatles memorabilia is a whole market in itself, and items that felt like mass produced tat at the time now bring in big money. When your little ones move on to the next boy band, keep their dolls and t-shirts well preserved. Even ticket stubs fetch money on auction sites such as EBay. The three big pop culture fads to invest in are Doctor who, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Doctor Who Dalek costumes from the 60s now sell for thousands depending on the condition. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and adults of the future will be prepared to pay big money for a piece of their childhood. Complete Lego sets also sell very well, since pieces go missing so often.      

Collectible dresses and fashion


The vintage clothes market is massive, and what seems modern today will be ‘vintage’ tomorrow. Keeping classic or timeless looking pieces that have worn well will make a good investment for the future. Coats, dresses and handbags are particularly good items to keep. If you’re lucky enough to own any designer clothes or accessories, keep them even if they’re out of fashion. Designer clothes cost a lot of money, but if they’re kept in good condition, they can raise in value very quickly!

Newspapers and Magazines

Print news is on its way out, which means the market for old newspapers is set to become much bigger in the next few years. Save newspapers that mark important and world changing events. Copies of newspapers published the day after Princess Diana died currently sell for around £50-70 and that price will only rise. Magazines are also a large market. Film magazine Empire often has ‘collectible’ covers, which raises their market value instantly. Issues only a couple of months old are now selling for £50.


The classic nostalgia item, comic culture has now become mainstream culture, with all the big blockbusters of the summer all based on super heroes. However, the comics themselves still have small runs, meaning that they gain value very quickly. Once a comic has sold out, its value rockets. Classic original copies of comics such as Batman and Spider-Man can bring tens of thousands at auction, and even comics that are only a couple of years old are now hitting the hundred quid mark- not bad for an item that only cost a couple of pounds! If the children in your family collect comics, save them for a rainy day, comic book culture is growing more every day and won’t be going away any time soon!

Gucci Tote Bag

How to keep your items in mint condition

The attic is the most popular place for people to store their future investments because it’s cool and rarely used. Colder temperatures means damp won’t form and let your items grow mouldy. Store comics, newspapers and magazines inside mylar sleeves, which are a little more expensive but are tough and sturdy enough to keep fragile papers preserved for decades.

Handbags need to be stuffed with paper to make sure they keep their shape, and clothes stored flat to make sure permanent creases don’t turn up. Buying dust covers for your clothing will also keep the moths at bay. Keep your items preserved well, and in a few years they’ll become treasures!   

Vicky Dean is a freelance writer who works alongside investment company She has a number of limited edition Barbie dolls as well as range of coins, books and tea towels which she is storing for the future!


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