Make money by decluttering your home

Posted on: 11 May 2010 by Mark O'haire

UK households sit on £31 billion of unused goods and declutter expert Jamie Breese shows you how to find out what cash you can make from hoarded household items.

As spring cleaning fever hits, it is not just space that clearing out will free up, as a staggering amount of cash can be made from the clutter.

Recent research by uncovers that the average UK household is hoarding a staggering £581 per person worth of unused but workable everyday possessions.  Two thirds of people (67%) admit to keeping common household items that they don’t need or use anymore whilst a further 20% confess to being full-scale hoarders.

However it is not always just for the sake of keeping memories that stops people from decluttering their homes; 12% of people don’t know how best to get rid of their items and others who’ve considered selling their clutter simply don’t know where to start in pricing their items (26%).

If you are inspired but don’t know where to start, decluttering expert and Everything Must Go presenter Jamie Breese is here to help.

In the following video, he shares all of his top tips on how to declutter your home and earn some cash at the same time.


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