Mobile roaming charges

Posted on: 27 July 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

Avoid a hefty bill on your trips abroad!

Roaming charges

We've all heard the horror stories of outrageous mobile phone bills from using your phone abroad. It used to be bad enough, but if you add a smartphone into the mix, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds worth of charges for seemingly doing nothing.

Staying online during your summer trip could cost you a pretty penny, but if you follow these tips you could save yourself a packet...

Speak to your supplier

All phone companies have different rules, so be sure to speak to them before you travel or visit their website for more information. Make sure you either get a cap put on your phone or check that your phone already has one in place, this could be the difference between a large bill and taking out a new mortgage. Vodafone sets their cap at £38 a month which you can remove or increase, your supplier will have a similar service.

Ditch the smartphone

If you're travelling abroad and only use your phone for emergencies then leave your iphone at home and switch your sim into a bog standard phone. If you've been clever enough to keep your old handsets then switch to an old model, if you're a recycle savvy user  and you've already sold your old handset then buy a cheap and cheerful phone and use your old sim – it may be a small investment but using a phone that isn't internet enabled insures you wont be stung with roaming charges.

Check your settings

You can turn off all calls/internet by placing it on airplane mode – this ofcourse turns your phone into a glorified clock. However, by turning off wifi and any internet tethering will stop your phone automatically connecting and updating – you won't receive emails or any push notifications but will receive phone calls and text messages.

Be sensible

Don't watch videos, films or stream music to your phone, this will cost literally hundreds of pounds and just isn't necessary. If you really need to keep up to date on the latest viral sensations head to an internet cafe on holiday, they're everywhere now!

Warn others

If you're holidaying with a teenager make sure they are aware of the cost of using the internet abroad. This could mean a parent induced facebook cold turkey, so discuss this issue before you leave, hopefully this will stop world war three kicking off on your holiday!

Too complicated?

Hit the highstreet and ask a sales assistant, they're experts in everything to do with your phone and will be able to set it up before you go away, or show you how to do it. If you think you'll be stressed on holiday thinking about the cost you could be incurring this is your best bet.

Data roaming charges have been a hot topic of recent years, and there is talk of roaming charges being dramatically reduced. As they stand at the moment you can expect to pay...

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