Charm offensive or simply offensive?

Posted on: 07 April 2015 by 50connect editorial

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General election 2015

So here we go again. The political elite are on the hustings trying ever so hard to persuade us that they have the vision and the competence to steer the good ship Britannia through increasingly choppy seas.

The UK is emerging from the worst period of economic recession and productivity stagnation in living memory and has the best prospects for growth of any of the major western powers. That said, the thing that is driving growth is the very thing that led us to the brink of bankruptcy in the first place.

The sitting coalition government has made no effort to pursue financial wrongdoers in the City and has instead elected to highlight emotive issues such as immigration and benefit cheats as the reason why we have had to take 5 years of austerity on the chin.

And, of course, the grass is always greener on the opposition benches. Ed Miliband and his shadow chancellor Ed Balls promise an end to hardship, a modern NHS, school-places for all and a plethora of similarly fantastical, economically questionable policies.

So, do we have any faith in politics anymore? A measure of that could be drawn by casting back your mind five years to the first televised leadership debate in which Nick Clegg, riding high in the polls, promised a 'new politics'  and a 'new way of doing things'.

What we got when he had secured a coalition place was more of the same. Thanks for that, Nick! And therein lies the rub, We understand that anything these career politicians say over the course of the coming month will have little or no chance of making it onto the statute book. So if 'new politics' is possible, who or what would represent it? Why not take our short election survey and find our what your peers are saying?

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