Over 55s would ditch spouse for celebrity travel companion

Posted on: 11 June 2015 by Editor at Large

A new survey has found that Helen Mirren and George Clooney come out on top as dream holiday companions among over-55s.

over 55s favour celebrities as dream holiday companion

The lighthearted study revealed 64% of women would pick their partner to share their holiday with, while men proved themselves to be would-be scoundrels with nearly half (47%) revealing they would choose a celeb.

One in seven men over the age of 55 (14%) would choose actress Helen Mirren to accompany them on holiday rather than take their wife or partner, while 15% of women would prefer Gravity star George Clooney to step in.

The Prime Suspect and The Queen actress came top of the list in a TFL Panel poll by Newmarket Holidays, beating the likes of Kim Cattrall (7%), Madonna (6%), Julianne Moore (5%) and Meryl Streep (5%) to become the dream getaway companion for men over the age of 55.

Mr Clooney made a similarly popular fantasy trip buddy for women aged 55+, with 15% saying they would go on holiday with him over anyone else. Second highest in demand was Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp and the iconic Mr Darcy himself, actor Colin Firth; both earned the votes of one in ten (11%) women.

While many men picked a celebrity as their dream holiday companion, over half (53%) said they would rather go on holiday with their wife or partner. More women made this romantic confession, though, with 64% saying they would prefer a trip with their other half. 

Michelle Amor, Head of Ecommerce at Newmarket Holidays said: "It's a bit of fun to fantasise about which celebrity we'd jet off into the sunset with; these stars represent glamour, wealth and excitement. But a truly special holiday is about so much more: it's about sharing new experiences and once-in-a-lifetime moments with the ones we love - and it seems most of us agree!"

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