Afghanistan: The controversy (and the war) wages on

As Older Is Wiser publishes an article calling for an end to the Afghan war, where do YOU stand on the issues?

War? What is it good for?Over at our sister site,, Tony Page has the following to say about the ongoing Afghan War: 

This war in Afghanistan has got to stop. Anyone up for a protest march? I’ve never been an activist, but I’m not prepared to sit by and do nothing on this. Let’s get some sanity back in the minds of our leaders – and if not, kick them out. Playing soldiers is great fun from behind a desk in Whitehall – bit different for the 19 year old in a dugout in Helmand! Anyone up for it?

But what do you think? Should we withdraw now? Or would leaving the country just store up trouble later? Would retreat mean our streets are flooded with heroin and terrorists are boosted by drug money? Would we lose influence in a key area of the world? Would terrorists be emboldened by their victory? And what about the innocent men, women and children we would leave behind?

Or do you think it's time the UK stopped being the world's policeman? Should we spend less on military adventures abroad and more on our own problems? Can Britain even afford to fight wars half a world away? Isn't part of the problem that the country is run by corrupt politicians? And progress on the ground, such as it is, remains slow if it happens at all. Have we done all we can?

In any case, go over to the article, read it and then comment. As members of 50Connect, you're also members of OlderIsWiser, so do please tell us what you think!

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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