Economic recovery to be spurred by royal wedding?

While the politicians continue to bicker and preen their election manifestos, the royals could be planning an event that will put the eyes of the world back on Britain.

A number of times over the past three years I have bored friends, family and colleagues with my view that we will not see any major recovery until something dramatic and positive happens; an event that buoys the whole country.

The Election aside (yawn, yawn), I put my money on the 2012 Olympics or a royal wedding. The Olympics are a certainty, but it looks like we will get the latter, too. According to those ‘in the know’, the Royals’ diaries are all blank for the 3rd and 4th June this year. This is reckoned to be the date that Prince William will announce his engagement to Kate Middleton. This will be followed by a wedding in November (maybe even on the same day as the Queen married!).
If we are on the road to recovery by then and haven’t buffered with a double dip recession then this may be just be what we need to lift the morale of the nation and get us moving. Time will tell if all this is ‘real’. If it is, then the coincidence of the wedding date will be no coincidence. It will be a clear message as to the future!

Old ones loved ones!

A medical research team has just published the results of an exhaustive longitudinal survey of our eating habits and their relationship to our health. For as long as I can remember we have had it drilled into our sculls that ‘five-a-day’ of fruit and veg will help us ward of some of life more frightening diseases.
Well it seems it’s not true – there seems to be no link between the two. So all of those of you who have religiously eaten quantities of spinach and cabbage you can now stop. If you are going to get the disease these won’t stop it. However this doesn’t mean that you can scoff on cream cakes and chocolate! Lots of fruit and veg are still the basis of a healthy diet and add these to pasta and pulses the chances are you’ll live longer any way.
Our Stone Age relatives ate berries, vegetable, fruit, nuts and the occasional meat when they could catch it. Had T-Rex not eaten them, they would more than likely have out lived us!

Swine Flu jabs for sale – cheap!

It would appear that we have about sixty million Swine Flu jabs we don’t need. Cost to the taxpayer about £300 million! The pandemic that we all expected didn’t happen and these are surplus to requirements! How are we going to get rid of them – well it appears we are going to ship them off to Africa. Does this mean we have to create a pandemic there so we can ‘pass off’ the vaccines and overseas aid. Good thinking Robin!

Bit of a cheek!

Brown has been slagging off Cameron and Osborne on the basis of their age and inexperience and that the electorate should leave the economy in his ‘experienced’ hands. This is a bit rich coming from someone who became Chancellor at the age of 46 and has never held a commercial job in his life. Cameron on the other hand is 45 and Osborn 40 and both have at least had ‘real jobs’ – even though they were brief in tenure. Kettle and pot springs to mind!

Manifesto Day

Today (Monday) we get the first of the party manifesto launches. Don’t get too excited they will all have a similarity about them as most government action is driven by spending money or not spending money. The three main manifestos will simply move the deck chairs around the deck. There is very little room for manoeuvre when it comes to spending.

At this Election more than most it really will be a matter of who you feel will do the best job. Whoever wins its going to be tough for the next few years! You takes your pick!


Last modified: June 10, 2021

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