Free adrenaline rushes for over 80s

Zip World, Snowdonia, offer free extreme experience to over 80s on 100mph zip wire as part of Octogenarian October promotion.

Octogenarian October

A group of extreme Snowdonia attractions is encouraging the older generation to embrace their youth by launching Octogenarian October.

The famous adventure and outdoor activity centres, including Zip World, Bounce Below and Beacon Climbing, are offering free entry to any daredevils over 80.

Sean Taylor, owner and director of Zip World, said: “The oldest person we’ve ever had hurtling down the zip wire is 94, which was an extraordinary sight.

“We’ve seen a rise in older generations getting involved with our adventure offering and embracing the need for speed and excitement.

“Most people associate adrenaline activities with younger generations, so Octogenarian October is a great way to show that a sense of adventure can be embraced at any age.”

Octogenarian October at Zip World, Snowdonia

Octogenarian is the term used to describe anyone over the age of 80.

For Octogenarians bold enough to take their age to new heights, Beacon Climbing offers the chance to ascend walls up to 17 metres high. Those feeling as nimble as their younger selves will get the opportunity to jump around the 1000 metres of nets in the disused slate cavern at Bounce Below. Over 80s can also reach speeds greater than their years while racing over a historic quarry down Zip World’s wires in excess of 100mph.

Steven Jones from Snowdonia Mountains and Coast said: “Snowdonia has always been one of the UK’s biggest adventure destinations and it’s not just young people who enjoy our hundreds of opportunities for outdoor activities. Around 10 million people visit Snowdonia every year and we’d love to encourage a greater number of over 80s to visit our attractions.

“Octogenarian October gives everyone the chance to embrace the family feeling by sharing thrill-seeking experiences together.”

Anyone of you who are brave/foolhardy enough to accept the challenge can post your adventure selfies on social media under #Greydrenaline.

Over 80s need to take valid ID to Beacon Climbing, Bounce Below and Zip World when booking their tickets.

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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