Stop the bickering & insults – Tell us the truth!

Some of you may have noticed my absence this week – a long Easter, and I deserved it! I hope you all had a nice break as well.

Nothing much spectacular happened while I was away, unless you think the announcement of the election was earth shattering!

It really was a non-event – Brown did his bit at the Palace with ma’am; Cameron and Clegg pranced around and all three dashed around the country trying to give the impression they really care. Well they do I suppose – they care that they win!

The pollsters are having their usual field and ringing up oodles of cash for their services. This time around they all seem to be polling the same outturn – an hung parliament! At today ‘s readings there is barely 6 points between Labour and the Tories and the Liberals are a healthy third option.

Will this last – I certainly hope not. We need a clear outcome so the economy can move on and give us a strong recovery. The City and the financial markets have marked Brown’s card down and are looking for a Tory win. Is there any sign of that – no not yet! He needs an 11-point lead to get an overall majority.

Is Cameron keeping his powder dry for the last two weeks before the vote on 6 May?  Well if he is then he’s playing a dangerous game – by that point we may not be listening. For the past three month’s I’ve been asking for clarity – what are you going to do? When? What’s it going to cost and what have we as citizens got to expect as a consequence to our lifestyles?

A hung parliament will hit the economy badly and although this will be good for exports it will hit all our pockets. With petrol costing £6 a gallon this week – just how much more can we take? Well if the Irish economy is anything to go by then the answer is a lot! In the past two years their government has had five budgets and the average purchasing power of incomes has dropped a staggering 20%.

Greece is even worse and more action is going to have to be taken to stabilise their economy  to avoid collapse. In the UK we are poised on the brink of success one way and failure the other. Loss of confidence by the world markets will hit us where it really hurts – services, health, food, fuel and even education. This could tip us back into recession and that may just last and last.

The three parties must spell it out in easily understood language exactly what they will do and what the real effect be on us. Scrap the sound bites and platitudes: stop the bickering and insults tell us the truth -we can take it. This will give us the electorate clear choices of what’s on offer to us. We can then decide at the poll booth and we will be accountable for our decision and have no one else to blame.

Last modified: April 9, 2010

Written by 10:19 am News