Tagged for selling a goldfish

This year’s April Fools were undoubtedly the officials who prosecuted and tagged 66 year-old grandmother, Joan Higgins, for selling a goldfish to child.

In the news yesterday I read that a pet shop owner has been fined a £1000 and fitted with a tag as punishment for selling a goldfish to a 14 year-old boy! At first I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Reading on I discovered the story was genuine. Apparently the charge was initiated by the local council on the basis there was a risk to the goldfish. What nonsense!

I know that age should never be a consideration when assessing guilt but the person in question is a 66 year-old great grandmother with a previously unblemished record … and her crime is the wanton neglect of a goldfish.

Maybe somebody should take the person that started this, out on a trawler and see how the fish they eat are filleted alive on the deck of the boat. Maybe we’ll see evening police raids of restaurants and customers eating oysters dragged off in police vans! Or we’ll have local council officials hovering behind rocks at the seaside as fishermen catch and cook live lobsters and crabs.

I have never heard of such stupidity – still this is the world we live in and unless the next government changes the laws and the attitudes of councils it will get worse.

I’m only going to cut flowers from my garden after dark – just to be on the safe side!

Better late than never – no way Mr Brown!

Our illustrious Labour government has just announced the setting up of yet another quango to explore options in how to fund care for the elderly. This is quite amazing and it the very same government that set up the Royal Commission on Long Term Care in 1998.

The Commission reported and the Blair government ignored the recommendations and did absolutely nothing! Thirteen years later ‘bouncy Mr Burnham’ the minister involved makes this big announcement. He also mentions that the results of the review will not be implemented in the next parliament.

How about this for blatant electioneering – on your bike Mr Brown we’ve had enough of your hypocrisy !

Enough for today – I’m off on holiday and face the pleasure of the British road system on Bank Holiday.

Have a nice Easter and if you’re out in your car please miss me!

Last modified: April 2, 2010

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