A guide to the perfect BBQ

Posted on: 14 June 2010 by Mark O'haire

The Great British summer wouldn’t be the same without strawberries and cream, sporting disappointments and of course, a few barbecues.

Barbeque guru Phil Lynas gives readers some top tips on how to create the best barbeque.


BBQ Recipes:
How To Barbecue

1) Find A Good Location

The sun is out, the sky is blue, it's fabulous day, this is a ideal day to barbequing. But first things first is where should one be doing it location wise.

We don't really want to be in a place where it is very, very windy. You want to have somewhere where there is a little bit of shelter. The last thing you want to be doing is upsetting those neighbours you have been trying to make friends with by having smoke pouring into their garden.

2) Get The Right Temperature

With what you should be cooking and how you should be cooking it, the first thing you should start with is the heat of your coals.

We don't want to start putting food on here before the coals are the right temperature.

We are using a gas barbeque here today. But with a more traditional charcoal based barbeque, you've got to make sure the coals are white hot, with a white powdery surface on the coals.

That’s the point when you know you are ready to cook.

Start any earlier than that, and you are not going to cook the meet through properly

3) Avoid Using Lighter Fluid

And don't fall into that temptation which a lot of people do on old style barbeques of pouring some lighter fluid on there because you are impatient.

The most important thing about barbeques is patience and preparations.

4) Ensure The Meat Has Cooked Properly

To be sure that it actually has cooked properly, the most important thing with sausages and with chicken, is to pierce the meat, and if the juices run clear, you know you have cooked the food through properly.

But what I just suggest on the thicker piece of meat, chicken or maybe some red meat or some ribs on there, is to pre-cook it in the oven.

5) Start To Marinate

Corn on the cob - again preparation. The great thing for those is bowl them from cold water for 12 minutes. When it's been 12 minutes take it out and put it straight on the barbeque, and then you can marinate it with your favourite flavours as you are going along.

We are using Nando's sauces today.

For example we have chicken here that has been marinated in some lime and coriander marinade. We have some smoky barbeque on some of the other meats.

The important thing is to have a variety of different flavours and different meats. It's not about just burgers and sausages anymore, your whole point is to have a range of different meats and flavours.

6) Tackle Challenges

And invariably your neighbours will come round with a different piece that you've not cooked before. And we haven't got ay on here today, but even fish, people are scared of fish, because it’s difficult.

They are scared of fih because it’s going to fall through the bars of the grill. And they are going to fall in there and you are going to have to pick pieces of it out.

When they're scared of fish eyes, you can cut the head off before you start, but they always think it's going to fall apart.

7) Experiment

With the other bits and pieces such as the salads, breads and things like that, there's room where you can use a bit of imagination.

Indeed here we’ve got a very, very simple salad of grated carrots, with butter beans and raisons. A very, very simple green salad. We've pre-prepared some pita bread with some French baguettes.

We've got a few pineapple rings which you might want to put on top of the chicken. Or maybe a little bit of cheese.

8) Serve

Our recommendation with marinading, very simply is to try and marinate things as long as possible. If you can do it overnight, then you get much more flavour into the chicken, and the whole point of marinating is not just to add flavour but to tenderize the meat cooking.

Then we recommend that you keep that flavour going through the cook, so don't just marinate before, use the marinade as a basting sauce.

And here is a bit of honey, soy and ginger, and as it cooks along, you can add flavour and look how delicious that looks, that's almost ready to eat.

Indeed all the remains is now is for us, our neighbours and our family, to sit down and enjoy.


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