Adopt a pet: Coco & Dylan

Posted on: 18 August 2010 by Mark O'haire

Coco & Dylan are a delightful duo who are looking for a loving new home where they can live happily ever after. Mike Henderson is a volunteer cat socialiser at Battersea Old Windsor and tells us why he loves this feline pair:

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"These guys are just the sweetest cats – they are so gentle and loving and both have very different, but equally delightful characters.

"Dylan is so sweet but is the shyer of the two. Since he’s been at Battersea Dylan has really come out of his shell and is growing more confident by the day. Once he’s settled into a new home he will quickly blossom into a happier cat. Once he gets to know you he comes running to you for attention!

"Coco is much more confident than her brother and adores having a fuss – she’ll always be there to greet you and have a friendly rub around your legs. Although Coco seems to have limited vision she doesn’t let this hold her back. She’s a wonderful, extremely affectionate girl.

"Coco and Dylan are so adorable and they will make great companions. I hope they find a loving home soon!"

Coco and Dylan are looking for a home with experienced owners and they would rather be the only pets in the house. They need a semi-rural home with access to a garden.

If you can offer these siblings the new life they deserve please contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Old Windsor on 01784 494443 or email [email protected].

Essential Information

Name: Coco & Dylan

Age: 6-years-old 

Breed: Domestic Short Hair (cross)

Reference: 10/30296 & 10/30295

To find out more about Battersea Dogs & Cats Home please visit

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