Get to know the real Staffy

Posted on: 09 February 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

Staffies looking to employ Max Clifford to turn around their reputation...

We joke, but sadly up to 80% of rescue dogs in some of the RSPCA centres are Staffies, not because they are bad or violent dogs, but because their reputation over the past few years has been blighted by a few bad cases.

The fact is, Staffies have been a registered breed in the UK since 1935 and when they arrived on the scene they were known as 'Nanny Dogs', because of their loyal and affectionate nature. They are still a tremendous family pet and a perfect old age companion due to their loving demeanour.

Unfortunately a few irresponsible owners have tarnished the reputation of the breed, with prospective owners becoming nervous about adopting a pet with such a bad reputation. For dog owners and lovers alike you'll know that any violent Staffies have been made this way due to cruel behavior towards them from their owners, when it comes to rearing dogs it’s very much nurture over nature.

Because of the widespread problem, the RSPCA have started the ‘get to know a dog’ campaign which is trying to change the perception of certain breeds, particularly Staffies. They’re asking that those wishing to adopt a dog, or for those wary of the breed to watch this video about the history of the Staffy and why they make such good pets…

RSPCA inspector Tony Woodley told us, "Staffies have been adored family pets in Britain for well over a century but we've certainly seen a change in the way that the breed has been treated in recent years. This video demonstrates how rewarding owning a Staffy can be. If you, or anyone you know, are thinking about rehoming or buying a dog, please share the video link and help us give new homes to thousands of Staffies who deserve our love and affection.”

Do you own a Staffy? We’d love to hear about your dog and what kind of pet they make. Comments below please…

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