Top tips when planning a house move

Posted on: 21 September 2018 by 50connect editorial

The euphoria of completing on a house sale can be overshadowed by unforeseen expense incurred in a move - especially if you miscalculate your insurance cover.

house removal tips

Moving house is among the most stressful events you will experience. After the stress and relief of getting the purchase completed, many people fail to make the correct decisions about hiring a removals firm.

  1. For the move itself, it is so important to choose the right removal company - one which will help to take the hassle out of the actual day of the move. Below are our tips to help reduce the potential for problems.
  2. Try to arrange your move outside school holiday times, the last week in the month, or Friday. During these times companies are usually the most stretched for resources so you could receive poor service from some removal companies, and they will probably cost you more.
  3. The summer holiday season is a crazy time to move, movers like to take their children on holidays too, so many companies use casual labour. Hot weather makes the work harder, so there are more mistakes and claims.
  4. Getting quotes from three moving companies is a time consuming business. Check that quotes include all your requirements, so that you are comparing like-for-like. Quotations may be complicated and sometimes confusing so it is vital you know what is included in the quote to avoid any unexpected little extras, which may appear later.
  5. It is advisable to check if your move will be a part load. Part load means more than one job on the vehicle and each job is interdependent. One job cancelled or delayed means that it could stop the whole trip taking place. Also with part loads,  jobs grow, so not all the space is available, leading to items being shut out.
  6. Provisional bookings mean very little. Some companies may double book and ignore any job for which there is no signed contract. Unless the contract is signed and fully paid up under the terms and conditions, then the contract can be null and void.
  7. Getting the right size of van/truck is very important. Is it permitted to carry the weight of the load for your move? After all you do not want your furniture to be squeezed into a van, which may cause damage while it is on the move. The unsatisfactory alternative may be that not all the load will fit on one van. Ensure that this is covered in the contract.
  8. It is essential to confirm the time when the keys to the new house are available and who pays for any waiting time. The people leaving the new house might be bodgers, doing it themselves and taking much longer than anticipated while your removal company is waiting for them to finish.
  9. Discuss access to the new property with the moving company and the sellers. Is parking going to pose a problem? The removal assessor should be aware of this, along with details of overhead cables, branches or archways leading to the house.
  10. Look carefully at the insurance policy. Some may offer a cheaper policy at the expense of the cover provided and, unfortunately, the exceptions might only come to light only after the event. If in doubt, request an insurance assessment to insure the correct value of your possessions is recorded and covered. Cheap insurance often means shoddy cover. Read the small print!
  11. Ensure that the movers have adequate vehicle cover. Many removal firms offer a basic level per vehicle, which in many cases won't cover the full value of your belongings and furniture - especially if you have some high value possessions. Check whether premium insurance is a standalone product and ensure you have cover for all your property.
  12. Finally, if your furniture and belongings are going into storage, ask for details and location and, if possible, inspect the storage facility. Remember, you are entrusting the mover with your worldly possessions, you want to know how they are going to look after them.
  13. The cost of a removal expert will be the lowest hourly rate of any of the home service providers, such as your plumber, electrician, carpet fitter or lawyer. It is well worth hiring the best to ensure the care and protection of your prized possessions. Do not under value this service to save money!

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