Great Sex Or A Great Relationship?

Posted on: 26 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

It's that age old question of what is more important - great sex or an amazing relationship?

It's that age old question of what is more important - great sex or an amazing relationship?

Is it worth staying in a poor relationship if the sex is great? Or if the relationship is amazing, can sex be put on the backburner?

An online survey was carried out to discover what people really prefer - sex or relationships.

The survey found that the British overwhelmingly prefer a great relationship over amazing sex. 71% of the 25,000 responses stated they would prefer OK sex with an amazing relationship, compared to 29% who would prefer great sex.

Men and women split firmly along gender lines witth 80% of women and 64% of men saying that they would choose an amazing relationship over amazing sex.

Britain’s most sexually demanding region is the Isle of Man, where 52.94% of those surveyed would prefer great sex and an OK relationship.

Gloucestershire proved to be the most committed to great relationships, with a whopping 83.08% of those polled saying an amazing relationship is most important.

Aries, Leo, Libra and Scorpios were the most frisky star signs, while Aquarius and Taurus were most committed to relationships.

Not surprisingly, those with higher incomes and education placed sex as a higher priority, with 40.54% in the High Range compared to 24.58% Low Range.

Women lookng ffor men who will put the relationship first should stick to the regions, particularly Leicestershire (80.47%), North Yorkshire (76.64%), Mid Glamorgan (76.6%), which fare much better than London where only 59.42% of men put relationship first over sex.

Men looking for a bit of fun should try Isle of Man (60%), Powys (44.44%), or County Armagh where 33.33% of women chose amazing sex over a relationship.

It seems that despite all the emphasis that seems to be put on sex, at heart people still want an amazing relationship.

The survey was conducted with members of, the UK's largest Dating & Friendship service with over half a million members.

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