Rediscovering your sex life!

Posted on: 02 February 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

LoveHoney resident Sexpert Julie Peasgood offers some tips on reinvigorating your love life!

As we get older, we don't give sex the same priority within our relationship that we started out with.
You may often find yourself too tired, busy – or at the end of the day, just not in the mood.

Julie Peasgood, sex expert at, is on hand to recommends ways of boosting your libido and putting the spark back in your sex life.

A healthy body equals a healthy mind and sex life

Make sure you get as much exercise as possible - research shows that even 30 minutes a day can increase sex drive.

The biggest erogenous zone we possess is between our ears, and for our brains to be properly stimulated we need to break our sexual routine occasionally. So dare to be different - if your usual style is soft and submissive, play a bit harder and try dominating or initiating loveplay.

The couple that plays together, stays together

Love gamesForeplay is really important, and encourages intimacy and closeness, but if you need a little guidance getting the play back into your relationship, why not try one of these sexy games?

Foreplay in a Row £12.99 is a great way to connect your way to passion and romance!

Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game £23.99 Monogamy is the game to spice things up betweeen you and your partner. With over 400 ideas at three levels of play, you can make the game as sweet or sexy as you want!

Try a Toy

vibratorsWhy not consider a little bullet vibe such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator, £9.99 from They’re easy to use during intercourse and the least threatening toy for him, as he may be unused to having a third party sharing your fun!

Ladies - spend some time pleasuring yourself when you’re alone too, so you know what techniques and movements take you to your happy place! Then share these with your partner, communication and honesty is the key to harmony in your sex life.

You could also invest in a vibrating cock ring such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring so you both benefit from the buzz, or persuade him to let you try your vibe on him. Gently massage his nipples and perineum (the padded area of skin between his scrotum and anus – a major erogenous zone) and that might get him more interested! Vibes feel good - whatever the gender.

Given any of these a go? Let us know!

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