The Romance Of Sex

Posted on: 26 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Injecting a little romance into your love-life can make sex so much more fulfilling.

Whether you are in your mid-50s and single or have been married for 20 years, your sex life can always use a "little enhancement." Renowned sex therapist Miriam Biddelman, Center for Human Sexuality, Columbia Medical Center, New York, says "Romance is important to a satisfying and passionate sex life. It is important for the health of the relationship to engage in the romance of sex - whether you want to rekindle marital sex, have sex again after the birth of a baby or want to add some excitement to a relationship that has lost some luster."

Here are Miriam Biddelman's Top 20 Tips:

  1. Create a romantic atmosphere. Arrange fresh flowers, light candles in the bedroom and play soft romantic love songs to set the stage
  2. Exchange affection such as kisses and hugs
  3. Go on a romantic weekend get-away to a bed and breakfast (alone and without the kids!)
  4. Use a sexually stimulating personal lubricant for women like ProSensual®, that helps enhance sexual arousal and desire (and intensify orgasmic experiences)
  5. Do something romantic every day such as leaving a love poem in your partner's brief case or on the bathroom mirror
  6. Make a date with your partner. One night a week, go out to a romantic dinner and spend some alone time together
  7. Be silly. Greet him (or her) at the door just wearing "your birthday suit" and a red bow around your neck!
  8. Talk to each other. Instead of chatting about the house bills, the kids and work issues, get to know each other again by expressing your feelings and emotions
  9. Spend romantic time together. Remember when you first started dating and how much fun it was to just talk and hold hands or partake in simple pleasures like a walk in the park?
  10. Take a bubble bath together. To set the stage, light white aromatherapy candles and lots of bubbles!
  11. Talk "sexy" to each other. Express how you feel sexually and your sexual fantasies
  12. Surprise your partner with an unexpected romantic gesture (like sending him a bouquet of red roses at work)
  13. Dance together. Put on a romantic CD and dance the night away
  14. Give your partner a romantic massage
  15. Write a "love letter" to your partner, reaffirming your love and commitment to the relationship
  16. Take a vacation. Getting away from the everyday stress of life can add romance and rev up your sex life
  17. Feed each other sensual and romance-inducing foods like strawberries and chocolate
  18. See a romantic movie together
  19. Use sensual props and accessories
  20. Flirt with each other (just like you did when you first met!)

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