Take tax action now - avoid paying too much tax!

Posted on: 04 March 2010 by Mark O'haire

Perplexed by pensions? Confused by CGT? Stumped by self assessment? Join our live web chat at 1.30pm on 11 March to find out all the answers to your tax questions.


Billions of pounds of hard earned cash is wasted every year through unnecessary tax payments or failure to use tax breaks. But how do you ensure you are not paying more than you should?

Help is at hand with IFA and tax experts Philip Pearson, P&P Invest, and Ian Hudson, Hudson Green & Associates, who will be joining us to answer all your tax questions. Submit your questions now and join us when we go live on 11 March.

Web Chat

Guests: Philip Pearson, P&P Invest, and Ian Hudson, Hudson Green & Associates

Date: 11 Mar 2010  Time: 13:30 UK time

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