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Posted on: 07 July 2020 by 50connect editorial

The staycation is back en vogue - and a camping holiday could help redeem a throughly miserable 2020. Check out our quick camping tips.

camping 2020

All the uncertainty of the past six months has left many of us with a summer holiday-sized hole in our list of things to do. If your summer plans have been disrupted by cancellation, here are some camping tips that could help a salvage your plans to get away.

Camping checks - before you leave 

  • Before you leave for your camping holiday make sure you check your vehicle thoroughly.  Ensure you have plenty of water in the radiator, check the oil, tyre pressure and test the battery.  Don't forget to pack the jump leads just to be sure!
  • Make lists of everything you will need before hand - particularly cooking utensils.  You will need napkins, air tight containers, bin liners, tea towels, matches etc.
  • The can opener and cork screw are essentials and so often forgotten!!
  • Some re-sealable freezer bags are ideal on a camping trip and not just for food.  You can put dirty cutlery in them, wet swimming costumes or keep toiletries in whilst travelling.
  • Make up some of those ice-cube bags before you go to put n the cool bag.  They are much lighter than ice packs.
  • It's a good idea to save empty bottles to fill with water before you go away.  You can keep them in the car just in case.  
  • If you are taking fragile items with you wrap them up in your sleeping bag.


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