A Good Oman

Posted on: 26 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Oman, the alternative winter sun destination.

Oman is one of the most attractive destinations in the Middle East, both unique and authentic it is a country that is blessed with rugged mountains, panoramic beaches, striking desert landscapes and friendly, hospitable people. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Oman is the second largest country in the region and is bordered by the green waters of the Arabian Gulf to the East and the Indian Ocean to the South.

With the recent opening of the ultra modern minimalist hotel Chedi in Oman's capital, Muscat, a spotlight has been shone onto Oman as not only a great destination which has year round good weather, great beaches and intriguing culture, but one that now has fabulous hotels and 5 star service.  All of the main luxury hotel players are represented in Muscat and there is real choice and styles to choose from.

Activity & Adventure

In terms of adventure a trip to the Oman offers a vast range of opportunities to explore and discover its cultural heritage and natural wonders.  The country is  unrivalled in the region for its many outdoor activities, from all kinds of water sports to mountain climbing, from wadi-bashing to camping in the desert so there is undoubtedly something for everyone.

With over 1,700 kms of coastline, the opportunities to enjoy the sea, sand and sun are endless. Activities of every variety such as snorkelling and diving are easy to pursue in Oman. The water is warm all year round and many of the underwater sites along the coast are easily accessible and you are rewarded with an amazing display of marine life. The beaches are stunning and as all of our hotels command a beachhfront position, water sports such as windsurfing, jetski-ing and waterskiing can be easily arranged.

Oman has an enchanting wildlife with whales and dolphins in it's coastal waters. Trips to see these magnificent creatures up close or any of the numerous varieties of turtles in this region including loggerhead and leatherback, are easy to arrange.

If it's adventure you are after then you have the choice of exploring the vast desert in true Bedouin style either atop a camel or in more modern 4x4 vehicles. This exhilarating experience whereby you visit the undulating sand dunes includes visiting remote oases, admiring a desert sunset and an overnight desert camp in a Bedouin village. Desert safaris range from half-day to full day and overnight camps, and on some there is the opportunity to try sand ski-ing, a sport unique to this region.

Leave the desert behind and head to the mountains where you can experience wadi-bashing. Wadis are dry river beds forming narrow valleys and are negotiated in 4x4 vehicles to discover stunning green landscapes, shimmering pools, cascading waterfalls and the occasional abandoned village. Mountain trekking and rock climbing can also be easily arranged.

With the weather currently in the thirties in October, Oman is looking more like an alternative winter sun destination.


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