Japanese Dreams

Posted on: 26 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Be inspired by a holiday in the heart of Japan and help local people restore endangered forests in the process.

A visit to Japan is always memorable, but BTCV’s ‘Forests Exposed’ holiday offers a very special and enjoyable experience for either experienced travellers to Japan or first time travellers. It's easy to forget about the stress and routine of your normal everyday life when you’re working in beautiful scenery, making new friends, and gaining a sense of achievement all at the same time. If you are looking for something different to do this summer, this could be the holiday for you.

Linked to International Expo 2005 in Toyota City, this one-week conservation holidaay immeerses you in the life of local people, working to restore the surrounding landscape to its former glory.

Living in Japanese communal style at the Toyota City Outdoor Centre, you will help to promote the sustainable use of conifer forest and bamboo groves in the Aichi Upland National Park through traditional forestry work such as foot-path construction and tree thinning.

You will also have the satisfaction of seeing the by-products of your work used to demonstrate how woodland crafts can protect forests at the International Expo 2005 ‘Earth-citizen’ Village.

Free entry to the Expo is included in the holiday. In addition to lots of healthy activity in the open-air, there will be plenty of time to socialise and explore the surrounding area. Nearby sites of interest include: the historical Matsudaira family house, the Bodai-Temple 'Kougetsuin', the local Folk Craft Museum, pottery resource centre, art museum and, of course, the Toyota car factory.

All BTCV Conservation Holidays are led by experienced and trained leaders with a genuine interest in the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the communities you will be working with and is a world leader in responsible travel where there’s an adventure to suit every lifestyle.

You will be inspired on a BTCV ConservationHoliday, meet people you wouldn’t usually meet, do things you had no idea you could do, and have a great time too. You’ll live, cook and laugh together, and in the evenings there’s free time to relax and maybe socialise even more.

The UK’s leading practical conservation charity, BTCV connects people with place, builds healthy, sustainable communities, and increases people’s life skills. It aims to create a better environment where people from all cultures feel valued, included and involved. BTCV supports 140,000 volunteers a year taking hands-on action to improve their urban and rural environments.

For more information about BTCV Conservation Holidays, visit www.btcv.org.uk/shop

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