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Posted on: 26 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Luxury dining on your own private island with an exotic break in Bermuda.

Cambridge Beaches, a 94-room, cottage colony located on its own 30-acre peninsula on the Western-most tip of Bermuda, specialises in creating memories and experiences that guests will remember forever. To create lasting memories for guests, Cambridge Beaches has devised a unique selection of 'add-on' meal options for guests, above and beyond the world-class dining offered in the two restaurants on property.

The most exciting of these is Private Island Dining, a rare opportunity for couples that is a Cambridge Beaches exclusive on the island of Bermuda. The adventure begins when the couple is taken by boat to a private island where a butler sets a lavish dinner for two. A bottle of Dom Perignon is opened, torches are lit and the butler returns later to serve dessert and then depart. Only when the couple is ready do they return.

Couples wishing for romance and privacy on a slightly less extravagant scale can partake in Candlelight Dinners for Two, on any one of three private beaches. Those wanting to have an unparalleled gastronomic experience should try the Star Dock Dinner, a six-course meal specially prepared by the Chef, every Wednesday and Saturday night. The meal can be prepared for up to six couples, includes champagne and a vintage wine pairing with every course, and is served on the Star Dock, which extends into the sparkling waters of Mangrove Bay.

For everyday dining at Cambridge Beaches, guests can choose from one of two different meal plans, either breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner or breakfast and afternoon tea only. Most guests choose the first plan, which is excellent value. Cambridge Beaches also participates in a dine-around with two other nearby properties, so visitors get to taste a variety of eating experiences.

The Tamarisk Room is Cambridge Beaches classic, award-winning restaurant that also offers outdoor seating on The Bay Terrace. The dress code in the Tamarisk Room requires jackets for men. Here you can sample exotic dishes such as Miso Marinated Salmon Fillet served with Citric & Corn Kernel Pancake, Glazed Vegetables & English Pea Puree finished with a Bell Pepper Reduction and Poached Roulade of Black-Faced Lamb Loin, Butter Braised Fondant Potato & Cauliflower Panna Cotta and Orange Glazed Carrot & Pearl Onion infusion.

Cambridge desserts have a well-deserved reputation with the Chefs “soufflé of the day” topping the list of favourites and the menu changes each night of the week. With its world-class cuisine, spectacular restaurants and special dining options, Cambridge Beaches will certainly create memories that will last a lifetime.

Bermuda’s original cottage colony, Cambrdige Beaches' 94 individually decorated cottage rooms and suites are dotted on a 30-acre peninsula with panoramic water views, offering visitors a wide variety of active pursuits, from watersports to croquet and tennis (with nearby golf), along with five private beaches, and an extensive spa/wellness programme.

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