What a gift in your Will can do

Posted on: 30 September 2020 by 50connect Promotions

Your gift will be the lifeboat that ploughs through storm force winds to reach people in distress, the training that keeps our crews and lifeguards safe, the protective kit they can rely on. Your legacy will be their lifeline.

50th Anniversary of Duchess of Kent Memorial Service RNLI/Stuart Fenty

A legacy to the RNLI will be more than a gift in your Will. It will save lives at sea.

A sailor was left hanging on for dear life when his boat was hit by a wave, throwing him into the chilly November sea. Fortunately, he was spotted by a passer-by, who raised the alarm.

Minutes after launching, the four-strong crew of the Mudeford lifeboat were at the man’s side. They found him clinging desperately to the outboard motor of his upturned boat. ‘He didn’t want to let go at first,’ explains crew member Simon. ‘His hands were hard and tight, and he was scared and cold. I don’t think he would have lasted much longer.’

The helm, Ian, expertly held the lifeboat in position while his crewmates pulled the casualty to safety. ‘I had three highly trained crew behind me,’ he says. ‘Their teamwork helped save this man’s life.’

From years of training together, the crew trusts in each other and they have faith in their kit that gifts in Wills help to provide. When the crew are facing a storm and pushed to their limits, they can count on the grips on their yellow boots and their quality training.

Just as RNLI lifeboat crews are made up of ordinary people, so too are the people who put gifts in their Wills to charity. You don’t have to be rich. Whatever you can afford, you’ll be helping save lives.

Will you support the next generation of lifesavers?

Find out how to write or update your Will, or request our free Gifts in Wills guide here.

Or contact our friendly Gifts in Wills Team on 0300 300 0214 (UK) or +44 1202 663234 (outside UK).

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